Bromley Table Tennis Club run its singles league every Wednesday night from 7pm! Playing across 6 tables, players will be grouped based on ability and points awarded to everyone taking part. There is no weekly commitment and multiple prizes up for grabs throughout the season!  What are you waiting for?

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How does it work?
Simple! Sign up and play :)

Our singles league takes the hassle away from running a team during the summer period when people might not want to commit to a weekly fixture.  Our singles league allows people to continue to enjoy Table Tennis over the summer in a more social environment. The singles league offers the below advantages:

No weekly commitment
You can simply sign up for the weeks you are available with no long standing commitment. This allows people to play at whatever frequency they prefer and simply turn up to play. 

Points system
Upon your first entry you will be entered into the Bromley TTC Ranking system which allows you to accumulate points each time you play. Our bandings ensure you play against others who are of a similar standard, ensuring a competitive game week in, week out.

Each time you win a game you will be awarded points and likewise if if you lose, then you lose points. This ensures the possible for improving players to play a higher standard each week and also ensuring that all games are kept competitive.

At the end of the season we will be giving out prizes to winners of the various categories. The prizes have been created so that everyone has a chance to win something regardless of standard. See the Prizes page for further information. 

Anyone can play
The singles league is open to anyone from any club or league to play. We welcome and encourage the promotion of this league outside the direct local area to attract different people for you to play. All players will be asked to join Bromley TTC as a standard member for an annual fee of £1. 

The league supports all abilities so no matter what standard you are, there will be other players of similar standard in attendance. This ensures the right balance and competition for everyone! 

No Hassle / No Fuss!
You are only playing for yourself so there is no hassle in getting a team together each week for a formal fixture. You simply sign up, turn up and play!


How to enter
To enter is easy; you signup online here.

It is a simple process which simply requires you have an email address for confirmation and takes only a few minutes.

Once you have signed up and reserved your slot to play, simply and turn up on the evening ready to play. Entries are accepted up to 5 hours before the event however we are limited to a maximum of 40 competitors per event.

What does it cost?

We make a small charge of £4 for each event you enter plus a £1 initial registration fee. Payment will be taken upon arrival before play commences, so please sign in on entry to the venue. 

What do you get for your money?

Every entrant has a genuine chance to win a prize as this is a multiple prize league. This includes prizes for top placing, most improved player along with other prizes which are targeted towards regular attendees. Additionally each month there will be a spot prize announcement which everyone has a genuine change of winning.

Competition Format

Each player is guaranteed at least 4 games per night.

Games are played 11-up best of 3 sets with are no knockouts, so everyone gets equal amount of games.



Bromley is a 8 table tournament venue with great lighting, top quality tables and an an abundance of space.


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