Following planned maintenance work to the sports hall, our Singles League is backup and running this week for the final 3 fixtures. There is still everything to play for as people compete at the top of the league for our cash prizes! As always, we have some additional prized up for grabs in August so get yourself signed up today for the final 3 fixtures. We have two Butterfly TAORI shirts up for grabs this month which will be awarded as per the below:

- Most League Points accumulated in the month of August. 

-  Most ranking points accumulated over the course of August. 

***Note: In the event more than one person accumulates the highest total points, we will go down to ends then points won over the course of the month. Players must play at least 50% of the fixtures in the calendar month***

League Points Collected In August

PlayerWeek 13Week 14Week 15Total
Tom Savary404040120
Dan Brookes304030100
Kirsty Maul205030100
Aaron Willetts40154095
Przemyslaw Kwiecien20304090
Hannah Garbutt30402090
Bob Habberley30401585
James Johnson30203080
Lukasz Kosyna20303080
Shaun Holmes40202080
Indy Dosanjh3050080
Dean Crumpton15204075
Alan Willetts0205070
Rod Poole0403070
Mike Sykes30202070
Paresh Patel30202070
Luke Smith4030070
Beth Roberts15302065
Martin Williams30152065
Jamie Cartwright0204060
Pete Canavan30151560
George Carroll0401555
Pete Carroll0203050
Declan Gardner500050
Ashley Offley1503045
Mick Hodgetts004040
Colin Gower400040
Ollie Lowe2001535
Peter Hartles2001535
Tony Bartram003030
Sylvain Savary003030
Rob Bood030030
Naveen Kangokar030030
Mark Nicholls002020
James Cooper200020
Sue Garbutt200020
Lee Thomas150015
Steve Hammond010010

Ranking Points Collected In August

PlayerWeek 13Week 14Week 15Total
Mike Sykes2222953
Dan Brookes11111840
Aaron Willetts15-71826
Colin Gower260026
Tom Savary3111125
Hannah Garbutt1014125
Bob Habberley925-1123
James Johnson441422
Rod Poole0-22422
Przemyslaw Kwiecien-691922
Mick Hodgetts002121
Indy Dosanjh019019
Alan Willetts051419
Naveen Kangokar018018
Pete Carroll041317
Luke Smith115016
Declan Gardner140014
Tony Bartram001212
Beth Roberts210012
Pete Canavan11-1111
Rob Bood0707
Sylvain Savary0066
Lukasz Kosyna5106
Kirsty Maul-81226
George Carroll017-116
Shaun Holmes101-65
Peter Hartles50-14
Sue Garbutt4004
Jamie Cartwright0-10133
Mark Nicholls0033
Paresh Patel6-2-22
Ashley Offley-1021
James Cooper1001
Lee Thomas-400-4
Ollie Lowe00-6-6
Steve Hammond0-100-10

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