Introducing ‘Bromley Bitesize’ sessions with Helen Lower

‘Bromley Bitesize’ sessions are being launched this June with an intention to bring both additional and specialised coaching into the club. The objective of bitesize is to focus on areas of our game, which perhaps get neglected from players normal training routine or more open coaching sessions run by clubs.  Each session will last 60 minutes and typically focus on a single objective.

What to expect:

Players will benefit from participation in a number pre-defined exercises specifically aligned to the session objective. Although this is a practical session, the coach will provide demonstration and instruction followed by feedback during participants exercises.

How does Bitesize differ to other coaching?

Group coaching is often designed to meet the expectations of diverse groups with varied ability / expectations. Bitesize is an addition to normal coaching and will specifically target areas of the game, where players are exposed to weakness through lack of practice. Bitesize provides a clear session objective so participants can sign up to whichever session(s) they have a particular interest. A great example of this would be service practice where players regularly comment on this as an area of weakness but rarely find time to practice.

Sessions are strictly limited to a maximum of 8 players who must sign up online to secure their place before attending.


Adults: £6.00
Juniors: £5.00

Players attending bite size are welcome to attend the duration of ‘open practice’ on that day for no extra cost.

Interested? Please speak to a member of our coaching team for further information.


Note: Some sessions will be focused on advanced techniques and require participants to maintain a high level of intensity or have achieved a moderate level of skill in certain shots. These sessions will come with an advisory for participants to consider before signing up. Players are therefore recommended to contact a member of the coaching team if they have any doubts regarding the advisory notice. 


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