Points Race

League Points - League Points are awarded based on attendance and the number of match wins collected each week. League points will be used to determine the winners of our prize pot at the end of the season. The below matrix is used to award league points after each weekly fixture:

Matches Won


0 Wins

10 Points

1 Win

15 Points

2 Wins

20 Points

3 Wins

30 Points

4 Wins

40 Points

5 Wins

50 Points

Points Race:

PlayerPointsPOM Awards
Tom Savary5102
Bob Habberley4405
Ollie Lowe3953
Declan Gardner3903
Martin Williams3902
James Johnson3904
Ben Bennett3600
Lee Thomas3452
Jamie Cartwright3453
Beth Roberts3401
Tony Bartram3202
Luke Smith3100
James Cooper3051
Hannah Garbutt3054
Pete Canavan2952
Sylvain Savary2801
Rod Poole2803
Lukasz Kosyna2602
Mike Sykes2505
Julian Barnes2352
Paresh Patel2352
Ashley Offley2350
Mark Nicholls2301
Dean Crumpton2251
Michael Yip2200
Sue Garbutt2150
Przemyslaw Kwiecien2102
Indy Dosanjh2051
Jason Thompson2001
Mark Clinton1951
Aaron Willetts1751
Peter Hartles1601
Eric Calver1551
Shaun Holmes1300
Mick Hodgetts1302
Sean Mills1253
Dan Brookes1201
Steve Hammond1001
Pete Carroll1001
Kirsty Maul1000
Chris Maiden950
Adam Wood902
Rob Bood801
Luke Delves750
Ken Willetts700
Alan Willetts700
Farah Aziz650
Michael Sheehan600
Dave Rogers600
Saff Soobratty600
George Carroll550
John Stafford500
James Knowles500
Steve Smith400
Colin Gower401
Amanda Houghton350
Naveen Kangokar301
Tobias Elliott200
Martin Lewis200
John Tonry150
Ron Jackson150
Thomas Park100

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