Proposal from TTE on Fees

Proposal from TTE on Fees July 2020


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Proposition 2 (Ordinary Resolution) Proposed by the Board
That affiliation fees for 2020/21 be:
£20 p/a for senior Player Members (new name: Compete Members)
£10 p/a for cadet/junior Player Members (new name: Compete Members)
£6 p/a for senior Club Play Members (new category)
£4 p/a for cadet/junior Club Play Members (new category)
£0 for Just Play Members (new category due to launch in early 2021)
£0 for Supporters

Rationale: A full review of the membership structure has been undertaken. Whilst retaining the existing structure of Player Members (with a new name of Compete Member) the former Associate Member category has effectively been split to provide greater clarity and benefits for the differing level of individual. The Club Play Member category is designed for regular club level players who will receive public liability insurance and other membership benefits for joining. The Just Play membership, which will launch in early 2021, is aimed predominantly at social players and non-club-based players (such as U3A groups, leisure centre Bat & Chat groups, Ping Pong Parlour players etc). This is a free category and does not attract any insurance cover; the main aim is for us to be able to communicate with these people and encourage them to continue on their table tennis journey hopefully into a club or league setting. The final category, also with no charge, is Supporter. This is aimed at individuals who just want to join the mailing list and also, importantly non playing volunteers. Whilst this category does not attract insurance cover, the underwriters have confirmed that volunteers are covered effectively like employees (for insurance purposes) and are covered for public liability insurance whilst undertaking volunteer roles in table tennis.

The 2019/20 affiliation fee was frozen at 2018/19 levels. The proposed £4 increase from £16 to £20 (for the Player Member/Compete Member) represents bringing the publicised 5-year strategy of a £2 annual increase back to the originally agreed timelines. The 5-year strategy was supported unanimously at the April 2016 National Council meeting and presented to 2016 AGM. The new category of Club Play Member is proposed at a fee of £6 (adult) and £4 (junior). The new categories of ‘Supporter’ and ‘Just Play’ are free of charge.

Sport England require National Governing Bodies to increase their own income streams particularly around supporting their own core costs. As we come to the end of the current 4-year cycle it is important to be able to demonstrate growth of membership income as part of a long-term sustainability plan. Increasing our own ‘unrestricted’ income allows us to put more money into supporting areas of our work that are not covered by UK Sport or Sport England funding. For example, competitions and events (essential to support the talent pathway as well as participation) require subsidising as does our vital work in schools and with young people.

Becoming a member of the National Governing Body is about connecting with the sport. It helps us in preserving the past (even more important with our centenary coming up), managing the present and determining the future of table tennis.

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