Draw for the first round of the Handicap Cup, to be played week commencing November 18th.

Wickford Cricket ClubVsSetts A  W/O
Stanford le Hope BVsBasildon C  W/O
Stanford le Hope D5  -  4
Stanford le Hope C
Stanford le Hope E6  -  3
Wickford Community A
Hadleigh Forum B5  -  1
Basildon B
Grays B3  -  6
Basildon D
Hockley A5  -  1
Stanford le Hope F
Hullbridge AVsBasildon E   W/O
Northlands SportsW/OGrays A  
Basildon HospitalVsBye
Stanford le Hope
Hockley B4  -  5
Stanford le Hope A
Northlands Park AVsNorthlands Park B
Hullbridge BW/OBasildon A 
Hadleigh Forum CVsBye
Basildon FVsBye

Second Round

Northlands Sports5  -- 2 Stanford le Hope G
Hockley A
vBasildon F   W/O
Basildon E
7  -  2
Basildon D
Stanford le Hope A
5  -  4
Hadleigh Forum B
Stanford le Hope D
vHadleigh Forum C   W / O
Northlands Park B
5  -  0

Basildon Hospital

Stanford le Hope E
5  -  3
Stanford le -Hope B
5  -  4
Hullbridge B


Quarter Final (W/C 24th February)

Stanford D
2  -  5
Stanford E
Stanford A
6  -  3
Northlands Sports
vBasildon E    W/O
Northlands B
vBasildon F    W/O

Semi Finals  (W/C April 6th)

Stanford EvBasildon F
Stanford A
vBasildon E


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