Droitwich Sharks v Colebridge Tomahawks

Droitwich Spa Sharks v Colebridge Tomahawks

Colebridge Tomahawks just clung on to their unbeaten record in their match against Droitwich Spa Sharks on Friday, with Awais Muhammed’ and Neil Wheatley’s victory in the final doubles taking the visitors to a third 6-4 win.

Once again Awais carried all before him, dropping only one game, whilst Neil and Jake Crawshaw struggled against the wiles of all three Sharks. Neil scraped a win in five against Paul Smyth, but lost to Eliot Brandwood, again in five, and to Steven Smith.

Steven’s unusual style and quick hitting also baffled Jake, who succumbed in three. Earlier, Jake had seen off off Eliot in three and he looked as though he would repeat that against Paul by winning the first two games. However, Paul was not to be denied and he raced through the next three with a range of attacking shots.

Honours not quite even then , but with all participants contributing to the final result, this proved to be a friendly, competitive and enjoyable encounter.

Author: via Bromsgrove Redditch & District Table Tennis League
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