Arranging Fixtures

Fixtures are subject to change and also may not reflect any amendments made to the Table Chart in the Club.

All first round Division 1 and Division 2 matches to be completed by SUNDAY 24TH DECEMBER 2017.

All second round Division 1 and Division 2 matches to be completed by SUNDAY 29TH APRIL 2018.

  • Please make every effort to play your games on the designated home night/week.  All teams are playing out of Dumfries Table Tennis Club.
  • Team secretaries are advised to make contact with their team members AND opponents to confirm arranged fixtures.  If there are any problems regarding fixtures, please contact the team secretary who should contact the rest of the team and opponents in order to rearrange fixtures, if necessary.
  • There is no rule against playing more than one match in a week, depending on hall availability.  It may even be possible to play two matches in a night – this may be an idea if a cup match is to be played.
  • You may wish to arrange a match earlier in the day, e.g. at 6pm, which will free up a table for another team to play later on.  The hall may also be available at the weekend.  Please check hall availability before arranging a match to avoid disappointment.
  • If a match is cancelled for any given week, please consider arranging a match with another team or bringing another match forward to clear a future date.
  • If there is a match in the future which is unable to be played in the scheduled week due to a prearranged event e.g. exams, holidays etc, please consider bringing this match forward to keep on/ahead of schedule.
  • There will be free weeks throughout the season which should also be used for rearranged fixtures.
  • As the Logan Trophy (Division 1 cup) is a knockout format, there will be teams with no fixtures during the cup weeks; therefore, this is a further opportunity to rearrange matches.
  • It is essential that cancelled matches are crossed off the Table Chart, located in the Main Hall, and rearranged ones are entered on it.  There’s nothing worse than turning up for a match, only to discover you have no table!
  • Except in the rare event of there being 5 scheduled matches, only 4 matches are permitted to take place on match nights.  Extra tables should be left for non-match players to practise on until 9.00 p.m.
  • The use of two tables per match is permitted if there are fewer than four matches, or after a table has been vacated.  It is recommended that teams with the youngest players should be first in the queue for a second table.  If less than four courts have been set-up, then teams are welcome to set-up another court themselves.
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