Senior League 2018-19 Week 24

Division 1 

The Whistlers B side of Lawrence Stacey, Matthew Casey and Ryan Gilson became the first Whistlers side to win the top flight title since 1995. In an era of dominance by Lions table tennis club spanning back to 1996, they also became the first non-Lions side to win the Division since 2010, where Ravenscroft Panthers A took the title.

Consistency is often the key in title winning sides and this was abundant for the champions as both Stacey and Casey played all 25 matches, whilst Gilson missed just the single match during the course of the season. The title was officially decided on Monday evening in a re-arranged fixture against title rivals Lions B. The Lions side needed to win to keep their hopes of the title alive, but narrowly fell to a 6-4 defeat. Stacey has been the best performer in the Division this year and will end top of the averages following another strong captain's performance. He defeated Dan Collenette in 4 sets and both Andre De Carteret and reserve Jez Powell in straight sets. He also teamed with Casey to defeat Collenette and De Carteret in 4 sets in the doubles encounter. Casey made sure of the win by defeating Casey in 4 sets and more importantly coming back from 2-1 down to beat Powell in 5 sets. All of the Lions players defeated Gilson in singles action and Collenette earned a further 4 set win over Casey.

Their final match of the season came against bottom placed side Whistlers A and this ended as a 5-5 draw. Stacey once more went unbeaten and this included an impressive straight sets win over previously unbeaten reserve Alice Loveridge. He also overcame Ellis Tomlin in straight sets, but needed the full 5 sets to get the better of Dawn Morgan. He clinched the doubles alongside Gilson against Morgan and Tomlin in 4 sets. Casey picked up the final win for champions when he edged Tomlin in 5 sets. Loveridge and Morgan both defeated Casey and Gilson in singles action, whilst Tomlin defeated Gilson.

2nd placed side Lions B slipped to an 8-2 defeat at the hands of 4th placed side Lions C this week and it could end up costing them the runners-up spot to fellow club Lions A, should the A side win their final match of the season next week. Paul Hainsworth and Andy Gill each defeated Andre De Carteret and reserve Steve Ozanne on the night and also combined to win the doubles against the same duo in 5 sets. De Carteret and Ozanne each earned consolation wins against the C side's reserve Caden Brouard.

The final result of the week saw 3rd placed side Lions A overcome 5th placed side Whistlers C 7-3. Ben Foss led the way strongly courtesy of straight set wins over Joshua Stacey, Mark Pipet and Charlotte Casey. Ryan Bichard and Jamie Ferbrache each added wins over Pipet and Casey to finish the win. Stacey defeated Bichard in straight sets and Ferbrache in 5 sets and he also won the doubles alongside Casey against Foss and Bichard in 5 sets.

Division 2

Lions table tennis club won the 2nd Division title for the 3rd time in the last 4 years following triumph by the Lions D side comprising of Tim Le Page, Carl Le Tissier and Steve Ozanne. 

The D side knew that a draw in their penultimate match would be enough to seal the title as they had a game in hand on title rivals Whistlers D, who did not play this week. 

In the end a comfortable 7-3 victory was earned against 3rd placed side Lions E. Le Page, Le Tissier and Ozanne each won 2 of their 3 singles matches on the night. Le Tissier and Le Page each defeated Jonah Ingrouille and reserve Terry Trustum, whilst Ozanne defeated Ingrouile and Caden Brouard. The doubles was won by Le Page and Ozanne over Brouard and Ingrouille in straight sets. Youngster Brouard had an excellent evening for the defeated side due to his wins over Le Tissier and Le Page. His win against Le Tissier came from him trailing 2-0 to win in 5 sets, whilst he also bounced back from losing the opener to Le Page before winning in 4 sets. Trustum won the other rubber courtesy of his 5 set win over Ozanne. 

Division 3 

St Pauls B were crowned champions last week but they showed no signs of letting up after their 6-4 win against Lions H. Craig Dunning is now just a single match away from finishing the season with a 100% singles record after he beat Oscar Pearson, Edward Rowe and reserve Val Guilbert without dropping a leg. Derek Carter defeated Guilbert in straight sets and Pearson in 5 sets and also teamed with Dunning to win the doubles against Rowe and Guilbert in straight sets. All of the Lions players defeated Brian Le Cras, whilst Rowe also overcame Carter in 4 sets in the final match of the evening.

Division 4

Whistlers I had also won the title last week and they too earned a win this week, 7-3 against their J side. Max Burrows and Andy Le Page were unbeaten on the night against Tia Timms, Shelby Timms and Leah Moore. All of the J side picked up wins against reserve Dawn Taylor.
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