Prelim Round

  1. Howard Innocent/Neil Pell lost to John Halbert/John Rowley 3-2 scorecard - Howard and Neil v John and John Div 3 Prelim Round.xlsx


Round 1

  1. Eric Mitchell/Jim Walker beat  Roger Hill/Jeremy Pickworth 3-2 scorecard - Eric and Jim v Roger and Jeremy Div 3 Round 1.xlsx
  2. Emma Hagues/Les Wood lost to Warren Shermer/Ian Boardman 3-2 scorecard Les and Emma v Warren and Ian Div 3 Round 1.xlsx
  3. John Halbert/John Rowley lost to Glenn Apperley/Sam Joia 4-1 scorecard - John and John v Sam and Glenn Div 3 Round 1.xlsx
  4. Ian Gomerson/John Baker v  Abhi Kant/Richard Blunden


Finals Night  Game 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
Semi Finals       
Eric Mitchell/Jim Walker1-3Ian Gomerson/John Baker     
Eric Mitchell3-0Ian Gomerson11-411-312-10--
Jim Walker2-3John Baker11-811-92-115-119-11
Eric Mitchell/Jim Walker1-3Ian Gomerson/John Baker6-1111-89-112-11-
Eric Mitchell0-3John Baker7-116-113-11--
Warren Shermer/Ian Boardman1-3Glenn Apperley/Sam Joia     
Warren Shermer1-3Glenn Apperley9-115-1113-113-11-
Ian Boardman1-3Sam Joia7-1111-68-1112-14-
Warren Shermer/Ian Boardman3-1Glenn Apperley/Sam Joia4-1111-711-911-9-
Warren Shermer2-3Sam Joia10-124-1111-913-119-11
Glenn Apperley/Sam Joia2-3Ian Gomerson/John Baker     
Glenn Apperley1-3John Baker9-116-1111-76-11-
Sam Joia3-1Ian Gomerson12-1011-76-1111-6-
Glenn Apperley/Sam Joia1-3Ian Gomerson/John Baker11-78-115-118-11-
Glenn Apperley3-0Ian Gomerson11-411-611-1--
Sam Joia0-3John Baker2-119-119-11--
Winners: Ian Gomerson/John Baker     
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