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HTTA Data Protection and Privacy Policy



1             Possession and Use of Personal Data


HTTA collects the following personal data from all its members:


names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and dates of birth. 


The members of the Executive Committee and the players’ representatives are in receipt of that information.


HTTA processes this data by:


i)     sending emails and other communications to its members from time to time relating to the HTTA league, the HTTA tournament, other competitions and tournaments run by HTTA


ii)      forwarding the data to Table Tennis England (TTE) in order that its members  can become members of TTE which in turn enables them to play in the HTTA league


iii)     publishing club secretaries, committee members and team captains telephone numbers and addresses on the TT365 website


2             Specified Purpose and Legitimate Interests for which the Data is processed


The only purpose for which the data is recorded, used and processed as set out at  i) and ii) above is for the establishment, organisation and running of the HTTA league.


HTTA does not record, use or process data for any other reason and it does not and will not provide the information to any third party except for TTE.


The data is restricted to using it for the purpose of communicating with those who are members.


HTTA is therefore pursuing a Legitimate Interest in using and processing the data.


3             Junior members


Irrespective of the fact that HTTA is pursuing a Legitimate Interest in recording, using and processing personal data, consent will be obtained to record, use and process the personal data of its junior members (i.e. under 18 years of age)


In the case of junior members up to 15 years of age parental consent will always be obtained to enable HTTA to process their data. 


In the case of junior members between 16-18 years of age consent will be obtained from the member.


The addresses, telephone numbers and dates of birth of junior members will never be published on the TT365 website.


4             Need for registration with the ICO


Not-for-profit organisations which process personal data only for the purposes of:


·         establishing or maintaining membership; or

·         supporting a not-for-profit body or association; or

·         providing or administering activities for either the members of those who have regular contact with it


are exempt from the need to register with the ICO.


The exemption restricts the type of personal information that can be held, the people that it relates to and the disclosure that can be made to:


     only those necessary for the purposes set out above and that the        information must not be kept after the relationship ends unless it is     necessary for the purposes described above


As HTTA satisfies the above criteria it does not need to register with the ICO and is exempt.



5      Compliance with the GDPR’s provisions on processing


HTTA will still comply with the GDPR’s principles with regard to processing.

HTTA will ensure that any of its Officers or committee members  do not release or process any personal data except for the purposes set out in 1 above, that any media, computers or devices on which the data is held are as secure as can be and that all hard copies of anything containing personal data are kept secure and, when no longer needed, are shredded or disposed of by way of confidential waste collections.

Occasionally requests are made of committee members for personal details of members such as addresses, email addresses or telephone numbers.  These requests are usually from ex members and players who want to get in touch with current members or ex-members.  Where such a request is made, the personal details of members will not be disclosed. 

The requester will be asked to give their contact details in order that they may be forwarded to the person who they wish to contact.

The contact details of some members who act as HTTA Officers, Club Secretaries or Team Captains appear on the website and in the handbook.  These contact details (but no other details) may be passed on to third party enquirers.

As regards historical records and spreadsheets containing personal information these will be kept even after the individual concerned is no longer a member  since  they are necessary for the purposes of historical record keeping of HTTA and its membership. 

The personal details (including email addresses) of persons who are no longer a member will not be processed further and so will be removed from any circulation lists.

6     Data Controller, Data Processors & Data Protection Officer


HTTA’s General Secretary will act as HTTA’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) and Data Controller and will be responsible for the implementation, monitoring and review of HTTA’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy.


The  members of the Executive Committee are all data processors


7     Individual’s rights

a)      This policy sets out the information that is collected, the purposes for    which it is processed, the identity of the DPO, Data Controller and the   Data Processors.

b)       Where any member or ex member wishes to know what personal        information is held by HTTA then a request for access should be made to     the DPO.  No fee is payable and the request will be dealt with within 21 days of the request being made


b)      Where any information held by HTTA is incorrect then the member (or ex-      member) concerned shall make a request for rectification to the DPO.  The    records will be rectified within 21 days of the request

          e)       HTTA will not process the personal data of persons who are no longer                   members unless expressly requested to so do

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