I'm also enclosing a scorecard for the event and an example completed card so that everyone understands the scoring system - back to 1 point for a win.

Round 1

  1. Elliot Marks/Andy Hull beat David O'Brien/Tom Sutill 4-1 scorecard - Elliot and Andy v Tom and David Div 4 Round 1.xlsx
  2. Mike Dale/Nathan Shfarpe conceeded to Kate Reid/Kevin Bates
  3. Simon Wilson/Salvatore Sirgnano lost to Grant Murray/Roy Mackay 5-0 scorecard - Grant and Roy v Simon and Salvatore Div 4 Round 1.xlsx
  4. David Smith/Martin Mathieson conceeded to Barrie Cole/Lewis Pocock


Semi Finals

Grant Murray/Roy Mackay3-0Elliot Marks/Andy Hull     
Grant Murray3-1Elliot Marks11-411-47-1111-5-
Roy MacKay3-0Andy Hull11-711-411-1--
Grant Murray/Roy Mackay3-2Elliot Marks/Andy Hull6-1112-1411-411-511-6


Barrie Cole/Lewis Pocock3-1Kate Reid/Kevin Bates     
Lewis Pocock0-3Kate Reid8-119-117-11--
Barrie Cole3-0Kevin Bates11-711-412-10--
Barrie Cole/Lewis Pocock3-2Kate Reid/Kevin Bates11-1311-913-1511-811-8
Lewis Pocock3-0Kevin Bates11-711-711-5--



Grant Murray/Roy Mackay3-0Barrie Cole/Lewis Pocock     
Roy MacKay3-2Lewis Pocock12-104-116-1111-612-10
Grant Murray3-0Barrie Cole11-311-811-8--
Grant Murray/Roy Mackay3-2Barrie Cole/Lewis Pocock11-74-1110-1211-711-9


Winners   Grant Murray/Roy Mackay

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