To be played week beginning 3rd October 2016 

  1. Spa E lost to KCC B 378-372  scorecard -  Spa E vs KCC B.xlsx
  2. Boston Spa beat Ripley B 379-378  scorecard - Boston Spa v Ripley B.xlsx
  3. Oatlands lost to KCC C 398-364  scorecard - Oatlands v KCC C.xlsx
  4. Racquets A beat Grammar D 367-362  scorecard - Racquets A v Grammar D.xlsx
  5. Racquets C beat KCC A 379-343  scorecard - Racquets C v KCC A.xlsx
  6. Racquets F beat Grammar A 355-287  scorecard - Racquets F v Grammar A.xlsx
  7. Racquets H beat Spa D 432-358  scorecard - Racquets H v Spa D.xlsx
  8.  Ripon B conceded to  Racquets I
  9. St John Fisher C beat Racquets B 381-378  scorecard - St John C v Racquets B.xlsx
  10. St John Fisher D lost to St John Fisher A 378-370  scorecard - St John D v St John A.xlsx
  11. Spa C lost to Ripley C 376-367  scorecard - Spa C v Ripley C.xlsx




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