Coaching sessions SPRING 2018

The league is offering table tennis coaching sessions for young players aged 8-17 years for a 12 week term starting 7th January. 

The coaching taking place at Warden Park School, Cuckfield on Sundays from 5pm until 7.15pm.

The coaching sessions will be under the umbrella of the League's highly qualified coaches Marc Burman and Dennis Hayden. Marc will be coaching  the advanced group and Dennis will coaching the improvers and beginners, Dennis will be assisted by junior county ranked Charlie Hough and Keigo Burnham. 

Owing to the increasing popularity of these coaching sessions it may be necessary to restrict numbers which will be on a first come first served basis.

Coaching will be in three groups with possible numbers in each group as follows:

 Group 1Group 2Group 3
Playing LevelAdvancedImproverBeginner
Maximum number of players1488
Weekly cost if paid in advance£4£4£4
If paid weekly£5£5£5
Start & Finish times5pm to 7.15pm5pm to 7.00pm5pm to 6.30pm


Group 3 will finish at 6.30pm. This makes allowance for the younger age of many of the beginners. To maintain the quality of coaching in all groups, the numbers may have to be restricted. The top group will finish at 7.15pm with the improvement group at 7pm. All groups are supported by top league players assisting when available.

The League’s aim is to attract young players to the fitness and sociable world of table tennis with the view they will eventually play league table tennis.  From there they can progress to County and National level. 

For group 3, the aim is fun table tennis with the target to move to group 2. Group 1 is tough. This group includes National Cadet players, County and League juniors. This group is for dedicated players, who want to work hard to improve.

The benefits to the players in attending all sessions will be very noticeable. Also as you can appreciate from an administrative point of view we can budget our costs more easily. The proposal is to have all participants pay in advance.

The League has a strict child protection policy plus a child protection officer. A copy of the League’s protection policy is available to any parent who wishes to have one.


For players who have never previously attended one of our coaching sessions, we will not charge you on your first visit. This is for you to see if you like it before committing to the full term.  We will allow players to join part way through a term (space permitting) and consider a reduction in the cost for the remaining weeks of the term. Exceptionally, we will consider a refund if a player has to drop out of coaching.

We are also happy to provide discounts for families with 2 or more children participating 
I hope you as parents agree the cost of our coaching terms compare very favourably with any sport.

The League’s aim is to encourage young people to play a healthy sport and at the same time assist parents with their budgets.

If you have any questions, please contact Brian Taite on 01444 413339 or send him an email.

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