We welcome new players and clubs. If you are thinking of joining us we hope the FAQs below are useful. If you would like to play table tennis in the Leamington area please email the General Secretary who will be happy to help you.

Frequently asked questions

Q. I am new to the area. I played table tennis in my old town and would like to join a club here.

A. You will be welcome at many of our clubs. Let the General Secretary know the sort of standard you want to play at and he will put you in touch with suitable clubs.

Q. I am an adult but a relative beginner. Can you cater for me?

A. Yes. Several clubs welcome players who are new to the sport. The league has divisions of all standards. If you played in one of the lower divisions you would be able to play others of about your standard.

Q. My son/daughter has played table tennis at school/on holiday/with friends and wants to join a club.

A. Several of our clubs welcome new young players. The General Secretary can put you in touch with them. These clubs usually provide informal practice and coaching for young people and then enter them in the league when they feel ready.

Q. Can I join at any time of year.

A. You can join a club at any time of year. Clubs enter teams for the following season's league in early July so the best time to get a place in a club league team is around June. However if you have missed this date do not worry. Clubs often have places in league teams at other times and the 2-aside league restart in January.

Q. Do I have to live in the Leamington area?

A. No. There is no residential qualification.

Q. What ages play in the league?

A. The youngest player we have ever had in the league was six. The oldest was over 80.

Q. Is the Association open to both sexes.

A. Yes. Men and women (and boys and girls) play in the league on equal terms. Teams can be male, female or mixed. In individual competitions there are often separate events for female players.

Q. Is the league open to players with disabilities?

A. Yes. Over the years we have had a number of players with disabilities who have competed on equal terms.

Q. Our social/sports/church/school/youth club plays table tennis informally and we would like enter a team in the league.

A. You would be very welcome. As a new team you would need to apply to join in time for the start of the 3-aside league season. Entry forms are available in June and you need to return them by early July to be sure of a place. We suggest that you don't wait till then but get in touch with the General Secretary now to discuss the arrangements.  There are two entry dates for the 2-aside league - July and December.

Q. Can we enter a team in the league as a family/group of friends?

A. Yes. You can form your own team and apply to join the league. You would need to provide a venue for your home matches. If this is a problem you may be able to hire the Association's HQ at Radford Semele (just outside Leamington) for all your home matches for £56 a season for a 3-aside team, or £48 a season for a 2-aide team, or you may be able to make an arrangement with another club which has a home venue in the area.

Q. Our club is based out of the Leamington area and already plays in another league. Can we enter a team in Leamington League as well?

A. Yes. The only requirement is that you use a home venue in the Leamington area (that is within about 12 miles of Leamington). If your usual home venue is outside this area you may be able to hire the Association's HQ or make an arrangement with another club.

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