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1 Rules and Constitution
1.1 Name: The name of the Club (hereafter referred to as “MTTC”) is Maldon Table Tennis Club.
1.2 Objects: In priority order:
1.2.1 To promote and encourage the playing of competitive/league table tennis for MTTC, by people from within Maldon and surrounding areas (our venue size will have a restrictive influence upon league playing membership numbers)
1.2.2 To promote and encourage the playing of social table tennis for non-league players, ensuring such social membership remains in the interests of MTTC.
1.3 Affiliation: MTTC shall be affiliated to: Table Tennis England (TTE) and to any specific local leagues/ competitions at the discretion of the Committee for the benefit of the members.
1.4 Committee and Officers of MTTC: MTTC will elect the following officers annually: Chairman: General Secretary: Treasurer: Welfare Officer and any other members co-opted by those Officers as and when necessary.
2 Membership
2.1 Membership of MTTC is at the discretion of the Committee.
2.1.1 Any application for membership must be made via a completed application form, obtainable via the MTTC 365 website or from the MTTC General Secretary by emailing to: and should be completed and sent to the General Secretary for submission to/and consideration by the Committee. Memberships need to be renewed yearly. Membership approval is as per rule 2.1.
2.2 MTTC Fees – The level of fees for: membership, match/hall practice, hall hire, are to be decided by the Committee and then submitted for discussion/approval at the Annual General Meeting.
2.3 Members shall have access to the current rules, regulations and constitution, policies and procedures (available via the MTTC 365 website (or hard copies through a request in writing to the General Secretary). All members agree to abide by these.
2.4 Membership/ league (and TTE registration fees) as approved at the AGM, are payable by each MTTC member. The membership year is from: 1st August – 31st July. Any league registration fee will be included in that membership fee. TTE membership fees should be paid directly to TTE by the member.
2.5 A requirement for membership at MTTC is that all members must have TTE membership.
Current members should renew their TTE membership and confirm their TTE number to the General Secretary.
2.6 All MTTC membership fees (of accepted members) should be sent to the Treasurer by the 1st of August, but no later than 1st September. League/competition players cannot play in the leagues/competitions until payment is made. Payment can be made by bank transfer (preferred method, details below) and the Treasurer should be notified when the transfer is done; payment may also be made by cheque. No other form of payment will be accepted.
2.7 Match Fees - A match fee for each league and or cup match (currently Burnham and Chelmsford league) that the member plays in, as agreed at the AGM, shall be payable as per rule 2.9
2.8 Hall Booking Fees: The hall booking fee, as agreed at the AGM, shall be payable by the MTTC member (full or social) that books the hall. Only fully paid up members can use the hall for practice (except as permitted under Rule 6.6) Bookings cannot be made more than 14 days in advance (excepting the MTTC Saturday morning practice sessions). See MTTC 365 website for cost.
2.9 Match/hall booking fee notification of payments due (where applicable), will be sent to members for payment twice yearly (January and June). These are to be paid to the treasurer in full within 14 days.
They may be made by cheque (payable to Maldon Table Tennis Club) or by bank transfer
(Club Bank Details: - NatWest, High Street, Maldon Essex. A/C No 57177910 Sort Code 60-13-37)
If paid by bank transfer the treasurer should be notified when the transaction is done. Non-payment of the fees will result in a suspension of all playing rights including practice sessions until they are paid in full.
3 Administration
3.1 The running of MTTC shall be vested in the Committee as elected by the members at the AGM.
3.2 The Committee shall meet throughout the year as and when required, but as a minimum, once every quarter. At such meetings five members will form a quorum.
3.2.1 Any item voted upon at a committee meeting shall be based on one vote for each committee member present and a majority vote will carry the proposal. In the event of a tied vote, the Chair of the meeting shall have the deciding vote.
4 Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting
4.1 The AGM shall be held no later than the 30th of June. All Officers shall be eligible for re-election.
4.2 Any proposal for alterations, additions or deletions to the MTTC Rules and Constitution must be formally proposed and seconded by a Full member of MTTC and sent to the General Secretary no later than the 15th May to allow any submissions to be added to the Agenda. Any changes can only be made and agreed at the AGM or at an EGM.
4.3 At least 28 days’ notice of the AGM, together with details of date, time and venue and any proposed rule changes, shall be notified in writing to all fully paid up members of MTTC by the General Secretary
4.4 At least 7 days notice shall be given of any EGM as called by the Committee and shall be notified to the members in writing by the General Secretary, together with details of those items to be discussed. Only those items on the notification may be discussed/approved at the EGM.
4.5 Voting on any item at an AGM or EGM will be based on one vote for each Full member present and a majority vote will carry the proposal. In the event of a tied vote, the Chair will have the deciding vote.
4.6 The Treasurer shall produce at the AGM details of MTTC’s financial position as of the 31st May, which shall also be verified by an independent person.
4.7 Other Officers of MTTC should also supply a report on the season as appropriate.
5 Premises
5.1 MTTC premises are at Drapers Farm, Drapers Chase, Goldhanger Road, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex. CM9 4QT.
5.2 Keys and Code - Each team captain has a set of keys and the necessary codes to access the hall. Other members may collect a spare set of keys from an agreed location. On leaving the premises these keys are to be returned immediately to the agreed location. Code numbers for the padlocks, will be given to members at the discretion of the Committee. Keys should NEVER be copied/duplicated, or codes shared unless expressly authorised by the Committee.
5.3 The premises should be kept in a clean and tidy condition with all members agreeing to take responsibility for this, ensuring that all rubbish is disposed of in the pedal bins, heaters are not left on, equipment is cleaned and treated respectfully and that the building is left locked and secured upon leaving.
6 Use of Premises
6.1 All competitive league and cup matches take precedence over any social/casual use of the premises.
6.1.1 MTTC aims to provide practice/league match facilities for MTTC league playing members as per rule 1.2.1 as its primary objective. Provision of the facilities as per rule 1.2.2 for social members to play table tennis is its subsequent objective.
6.2 Any cancelled or postponed home league matches must be re-booked by the team captain with the General Secretary and entered on the hall booking sheet as soon as possible.
6.3 The hall is available for practice to MTTC members, (subject to payment of the appropriate fee), but must be vacated by 7pm on match nights. Any new member wishing to use the hall should contact the General Secretary to discuss being given access to the booking process; such access is given at the Committee’s discretion.
6.3.1 Any member wishing to use the premises may only book a hall session for themselves for and on behalf of themselves and may not block book on behalf of others.
6.3.2 The hiring out of the hall to external parties (i.e. for interleague matches) is at the discretion of the Committee.
6.4 Practice sessions are currently booked on the Google Drive spreadsheet, using your Christian name and initial (e.g. Tom E) to eliminate any confusion. The booking fee will be payable by the member whose name appears on the booking sheet and this member must always be present during the booked session. Only members may attend the booked session (unless they are a guest as per 6.6) Priority will be given to pre-booked sessions.
6.5 Coaching sessions offered to members must be booked by the coach concerned in their name and not the member’s name.
6.6 Guest’s - A member may bring an adult guest to use MTTC on 3 occasions during a ‘membership year. The guests name is to be notified to the General Secretary in advance, for recording such sessions. Juniors (under 18 years) may attend as guests of a member without limit but are encouraged to apply for junior membership.
7 Committee
7.1 Current Committee members can be found via:
8 General Data Protection Rules (GDPR)
This will be managed as per the MTTC Data Protection Policy and details maybe found via:
9 Behaviour
Bad behaviour, bullying and harassment of any sort will not be tolerated and will be managed as per these rules and/or the MTTC Equality and/or Behaviour policies as found on the MTTC 365 website.
10 Coaching
10.1 Coaching at MTTC should be delivered in line with TTE guidelines/standards as defined at: 10.2 To safeguard MTTC and its members all coaches must have TTE membership and public liability insurance with a minimum liability cover of 10 million pounds, to facilitate them being able to coach at MTTC 10.3 All those wishing to coach must confirm that they hold an appropriate coaching qualification and declare if their coaching license is current/live and supply details of their license number to the MTTC General Secretary.
10.4 Coaching sessions that are chargeable, must be booked in the Coach’s name and identified as ‘Coaching’ on the booking sheet and can be offered to and for the benefit of MTTC and its members only.
10.5 The fee for the hire of MTTC facilities used for chargeable coaching, is payable to MTTC by the Coach and shall be invoiced twice a year as per rule: 2.9. Failure to make payment, will result in the suspension of their rights to make any further bookings at MTTC.
10.6 Anyone wishing to offer coaching to MTTC members must apply in writing to the Committee via the General Secretary for authorisation to do so.
11 General
11.1 The above Rules and Constitution have been drawn up by the Committee for the benefit of MTTC members and must be adhered to always. Any member failing to observe these Rules may have their membership of MTTC reviewed by the Committee.
11.2 All members are also expected to act within the spirit of these rules, attempts to circumvent/ misuse/abuse the rules /the goodwill and/or the spirit of these rules, will have such actions reviewed by the Committee and appropriate actions initiated as deemed appropriate.
11.3 All members shall act in the best interests of MTTC.
11.4 Any point on which these Rules are silent shall be referred to the Committee for clarification and their decision will be final.
12 Dissolution
12.1 A resolution to dissolve MTTC can only be passed at an AGM or EGM and sanctioned through a majority vote by Full club members .
12.2 In the event of dissolution, all debts should be cleared utilizing any clubs’ funds available.
12.3 Any assets of MTTC shall be divided as agreed by a majority vote of those Full members present at the AGM or EGM when the dissolution of MTTC is sanctioned.

Signed: Jan Fuller
General Secretary for and on behalf of Maldon table Tennis Club
Dated: 10.09.18

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