North Cornwall Table Tennis Association 
Annual General Meeting 
Monday 2 July 2018 at 7-30pm. 
The Gateway Centre,  Launceston. Minutes 
1. Attendees: 
Shirley Luckhurst, Dave Salisbury, Martin Hynes, Trevor Luckhurst, Robin Evans, 
Keiron Chatterjea, David Hughes. 
2. Apologies for absence. 
Kevin Fudge, Lois Atkin, Mike Kinger, David Sallifant, Paul Seez. 
3. Approval of Minutes of AGM 2017. 
Minutes agreed by all present. 
4. Officer's Reports:- 
Chairman (Shirley Luckhurst) 
? Stated the 2017/2018 had been very successful for everyone involved with NCTTA . ? Good to see the expansion of the league continuing ? All of the tournaments were well supported. ? Gave her thanks to especially to Keiron Chatterjea for all of his work in maintaining the TT365 NCTTA website throughout the season, Dave Salisbury for all of his work in organizing the tournements and cop matches, Martin Hynes for arranging the presentation dinner, David Sillifant for all of his press reports, David Hughes for his work as secretary and the rest of the committee members for their work during the past season. 
Treasurer (Martin Hynes) 
? Draft accounts were presented by MH. The NCTTA's bank balance at the beginning of the season was £928.27. This season's net income was £1825-00 with a net expenditure of £ 1770 - 60. Therefore, the NCTTA's bank balance at the end of the season was £982.67. ? MH stated there was an increase in league expenses compared with the previous seasons due to cost of purchasing medals for the runners up instead of awarding certicates. 
? MH proposed that the league fees for 3 person team will be £ 75-00/team and for a two person team will be £50-00/team for the forthcoming season unless any increase in the league's teams affiliation fees to Cornwall Table Tennis Association is excessive.  
League/Tournament Co-Ordinator (Dave Salisbury) 
? DS reported that all of the league matches were completed during the last season except for one. The result of which did not affect the final league positions. ? The team cup competitions were completed but were affected by a number of matches conceded and postponements.  ? Individual handicaps - seem to work well in most cases. ? The Individual Championships were well attended. However, due to amount of time required in organizing on the night of the individual championships, DS asked if he could some assistance from the committee on the night? ? DS also liked to thank David Sillifant for preparing all of the match reports which were published by the Post Group of newspapers during the season especially the last very comprehensive report following the presentation dinner. ? DS proposes that a current league of 3 divisions will be the case for the forthcoming season, each will hopefully have a minimum of 8 teams.  ? Overall, another very successful year for the league. ? DS stated the only issue he had was that he and KC on a number of occasions were not informed about postponement of matches and the rearranged dates for the same which did not comply with Rule 16.1 of the league rules.   
5. Election of Chairman. 
Shirley Luckhurst was proposed, seconded and accepted to continue as chairman. 
6. Election of Officers. 
The following positions were proposed, seconded and accepted 
? President - Bill Pope ? Vice Chairman - Keiron Chatterjea ? Treasurer - Martin Hynes ? Hon. Secretary - David Hughes ? TT365 Webmaster - Keiron Chatterjea ? League/Tournament Co-ordinator - Dave Salisbury ? Press Officer - David Sillifant ? TTE Company Member - David Hughes ? CTTA Representative - Shirley Luckhurst 
7. Election of Club Committee Members 
As agreed at the previous AGM all the club within the league will nominate a committee member to attend the AGM and any other committee meeting as required. 
? Altarnun - Paul Burden ? Blisland - Jim Rickwood ? Bridgerule - Gill Knightley  ? Budehaven - Dave Salisbury 
? Crackington - Keiron Chatterjea ? Helland - Alan Curruthers  ? Launceston - Stephen Parsons ? North Hill - Martin Hynes ? Torridge - Dave Stone  ? Whitstone - Doug Genini  
8. Changes to League Rules. 
? No rules were introduced at this AGM. ? It was agreed that the wording to Rule 16.1 would be reviewed and any amendments in the wording of the rule would be circulated to the league members prior to consideration at the next AGM. 
9. Cornwall Table Tennis Association. 
It was agreed that the NCTTL would continue to be affiliated to the Cornwall Table Tennis Association and that a member of NCTTL committee would continue to attend all of the future committee meetings of the CTTA to ensure the interests of table tennis in North Cornwall is represented and reported back the next AGM. 
It was also agreed that NCTTL would make an application to CTTA for funding towards a coaching session at Bude for inclusion in the agenda at CTTA committee meeting  
11. AOB  
? Possible date of the 2017/2018 will be the week commencing early October 2017. ? Budehaven to host the league tournaments with a start time of 7pm.  
11. AGM  
Meeting closed at 8.55pm. 
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