Winter 2018-19 > Team Captains
Team Contact Home Night
Division 1 - 18-19
Holsworthy A Tuesday
Herons Wednesday
Mcdonalds And Co Tuesday
Misfits Monday
Spin Doctors
01271 267822 (h)
Smugglers Monday
Chulmleigh A Tuesday
Chulmleigh B Tuesday
Nets And Edges Tuesday
Balls Of Fury
01237 421274 (h)
07929 823185 (m)
Division 2 - 18-19
Holsworthy D Tuesday
The Vice
01237 479174 (h)
07779962465 (m)
Littleham Tuesday
Despicables Tuesday
Holsworthy C Tuesday
Holsworthy B Tuesday
Paddlers Wednesday
Dolphins Wednesday
Top Spin Tail Spinners Thursday
Chulmleigh Chiefs Friday
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