Table Tenis DIY

This section shares tips and advice on how to look afetr and make up your own equipment. Now you don't have to rely on shops to do it for you and you can chose what you want, when you want from across the world.

How to change table tennis rubbers using water based glue

In this video I'll change both sides of my bat's rubbers using water based glue. I'll use a knife and scissors to cut my rubbers and I'll share with you some tips on what to do to make changing your rubbers easier. I'll also show you some of the things that can go wrong so you'll know what to avoid doing when you change your own rubbers. It's not the only way to do it, but this method works for me.

This video is dedicated to Martin Lucas who died in March 2014 aged 51. Martin was Club Secretary for Riverside TT Club and worked hard in our league to help it run smoothly. Martin will be sadly missed.

Why cleaning your table tennis regularly is important

Most people clean their table tennis rubbers but do you clean them after each time you've used them or are you one of those people who cleans them only when you can be bothered.  If you're one of the later ones, you could be missing out on a lot of performance your rubber is capable of giving you.

This is a comparison of grip of a sheet of gambler outlaw which has been used for about 4 hours since it was last cleaned and then the same sheet
of outlaw cleaned with a dish cloth and water.

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