Going Cashless

Simply select the monthly amount that best represents your usage.  


£8 pm- Social players


£10 pm - (i) League Players and (ii) Social players that play more than once per week


£15 pm - Unlimited access


Then complete a Standing Order for the amount.  The bank details are:


Sort Code:     607008

Account No:  51361167

Account Name: Rainford Storm

Please put Your Name as the Reference on the Standing Order


You can do this now.  It’s easier for us to manage if you choose 1st September as the start date ... but you can select any date in September if it suits your own circumstances better.




Q1   When will the cashless system start?

A   On 1 September. No more coins/cash will be collected after 1 Sep.


Q2   How are we policing this to ensure everyone is on the right Tier?

A   It is a trust system.  Each player selects the Tier that best represents their usage.


Q3   Will we still have to pay the annual membership fee of £15?

A   No. This is included in the monthly Standing Order.


Q4   Can I just make a single payment for the whole year?

A   Yes. Just pay 12 x the monthly fee.


Q5   Can I change my Tier later?

A   Yes, if your usage changes you can change it.  But this is limited to just one change per year.


Q6   If I want to give the club more money can I select a higher amount?

A   Yes. Some light users have already said they are happy to pay the unlimited amount of £15 pm.  Some of the frequent users have elected to pay £20 pm.


Q7   What if I only play a few times a year?

A   We are ceasing all cash handling. In special circumstances we will allow a single payment of £30 and this will give you 10 visits to the club per year. Please make a single payment of £30 by 1st September, it is important that you put your name as the Reference on the payment.

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