Rainford TTC Minutes of AGM

21 July @ The Hut of Dreams


Attendees: Geoff Pye, Ged Sephton, Martin Machin, Tony Kehoe, Mick Winder, Dave Corbett, Nick Foss, Clint Delaney, Cemlyn Roberts, Nick Roberts, Ian McFegan, Phil Whittred, Paul Lyon, Paul Andrews, Alan Lucas, John Davies, Bryan Wearden, Andy Taylor, Paul Melling, Julie Restall, Prini Restall (the dog), Joe Kennedy, Jim Mulvaney 


Apologies: Pat Merry, Carol Bell, Jim Bell, Jon Dyson, Darren Lawrenson, Liz Deighan, Andrew Melding, Ian Taylor, Ron Hamilton, Matt McKenzie, Alan Baron


Chairman’s Report: The meeting started at 12.15pm.  Geoff opened by thanking everyone for attending.  He gave a review of the highlights of the 2018/19 year and looked forward to the 10th anniversary event on 26 July.


Treasurer’s Report: Ged went through the club accounts and reported that the finances are in good health with an end of year balance of £7,545.00.


Secretary’s Report: Martin reported that member numbers were now at an all time high of 70 and that the Club had taken an active role at Wigan League Meetings.


Election of club officials: All serving officials were elected unopposed.


Actions Agreed:


1   The proposal to move to cashless payment was carried unanimously. The new Standing Order process will start on 1 September 2019.  A separate email to all Club members to formally tell them how to set up the Standing Order will be sent in the next seven days.


2   TTE365 (League Manager System ) will cost £7 per player per season.  The proposal for the Club to pay the £7 fee for all league players was passed unanimously. This was for the 2019/20 season only and will be reviewed again at the 2020 AGM.


3   Next seasons league teams were discussed.  Following the meeting further discussions were held with team captains.  We will have seven teams in Wigan League and one team in Southport League. The Wigan teams are:


Storm - Div 1 - Tuesdays @ The Hut of Dreams

Geoff Pye (c)

Josef Koudelik

Jon Dyson

Robbie Peat

Matt McKenzie

Stephen Williams

Christof Pinter


Smile - Div 1 - Tuesdays @ The Hut of Dreams

Alan Lucas (c)

John Davies

Bryan Wearden

Andy Taylor

Ken Connor


Smash - Div 2 - Tuesdays @ Labour Club 

Martin Machin (c)

Darren Lawrenson

Nick Roberts

Ian Taylor


Spin (reformed) - Div 2 - Mondays @ The Hut of Dreams

(A new team that is Re-using the name Spin)

Alan Baron (c)

Paul Melling 

Rob Midgeley

Joe Kennedy

Frank Chambers


Surge - Div 3 - Mondays @ The Hut of Dreams

Andrew Melding (c)

Ged Sephton

Clint Delaney 

Liz Deighan

Jim Mulvaney


Strike - Div 3 - Mondays @ The Hut of Dreams

Ian McFegan (c)

Mike Armitage

Paul Andrews

Phil Whittred

Paul Lyon

Pay Merry


Sandgrounders - Div 2 - Tuesdays @ Labour Club 

(This is a team from Southport League that will be playing in Wigan League next season under the Rainford banner)

Nick Foss (c)

Ray Hibbs

Josh Taylor

Darren Taylor 

Gerrard Wilson

Nick Wilson

Christine Foley

Colin Fyles


The team in the Southport League is:


Synergy - Div 3 - Wednesdays @ The Labour Club

(This is the team of existing Rainford players that will play in Southport league next season)

Paul Melling (c)

Alan Baron

Paul Andrews 

Nick Roberts 

Andrew Melding 

Liz Deghan 

Ged Sefton 

Ian McFegan

Jim Mulvany 

Clint Delaney 

Mike Armitage

Phil Whittred

Paul Lyon

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