TT365 Ranking List - HELP - BETA

We released our ranking system yesterday.

In the space of around 16 hours, we received a lot of feedback, almost all of it positive, I am pleased to say. We did however have a few constructive comments/questions that were valid. We have discussed these points internally and as a result intend to make changes to address the points made.

Whilst this is being done, we have taken the lists offline.

Please remember that this is a beta system and by virtue of that, changes are to be expected. In order to set expectations, please see below some of the changes we will be making over the next day or two and the reasons for those changes.

Is it fair that players who play in British League, earn 3 times more points for a win against the same player in local league or a local county tournament?

This is down to a weighting system, which we feel upon reflection does not serve to generate accurate lists, so going forward we intend to remove weightings from our rankings and create a fair and level playing field for every player.

Why include British League results in your ranking system, if you won’t have access to that data going forward?

Please remember that this ranking system has in fact been live for over 3 years and is generated from a 5-year history. What was launched yesterday was only the combination of lists that have been available now for a long time on hundreds of local league and county websites.

What is the TT365 ranking system, why does it exist?

It is not a replacement for the TTE national ranking list. We provided it to give value to grass roots players. The goal is to create lists that are accurate and encourage players to play more locally.

The changes that are being made

We are not keen on making changes to points or positions retrospectively, as we feel it is inappropriate to make these changes during a season. If you previously won points in British League, then they will remain part of your record, but going forward those types of results will not be included. Further all results will be processed on a weighting of 1.0.

These changes will mean that some players drop off the lists. In order to make the current system reflect how it will be in August, those changes will be made immediately. Therefore, if you don’t play local league, it is likely that you will disappear.

The number one player in the all_mens list will no longer be Liam Pitchford, because Liam does not play local league. We want to make a clear distinction between the TT365 list and the TTE list. Who it will be, we don’t know… but we are sure keen to find out who the highest ranked local league player will be.

We are also making a number of other more minor changes, such as removing wins against zero ranked players from the best wins list, removing zero rated players from all lists, removing players who have not played for an entire season and some other tweaks to make the lists more accurate.

We expect to have these changes made and live over the next few days.