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We specialize in the delivery of highly innovative, bespoke solutions for table tennis organizations, designed to satisfy the precise and unique demands of our sport.

League Manager

League Manager is a sophisticated internet based system designed specifically to meet the needs of local league administrators.

It has been in use since September 2009 and powers now over 300 leagues and clubs in England, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey & Isle Of Man.

The league manager package provides your league with a website.
This website is used to deliver all sorts of information to your players or anyone else interested in reading more about your league.


Current Features


The system is available for free with relevant sponsorship advertising or a paid version with no advertising is available at a reasonable cost. Both options come with the commercial module which allows you to upload your own adverts, from which you can generate income for your league.

The software is available now, and you can be up and running in 5 minutes.

Membership Manager

Membership Manager is aimed at national governing bodies that need to manage large membership databases, but need to give out limited access to their affiliated organisations such as clubs, leagues and counties.



Other Software

We have a range of other modules that bolt into the 2 above core systems.


Next Step

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