Senior 2nds finish Second

The first match on Saturday 5th January was against Norfolk, who appeared to be the strongest team in the division, fielding Mollie Patterson, number 3 junior girl in England, along with Kelly Skeggs, Chris Cockburn, Tony Zeqiri and Lewis Carby. It was a tough match for the Bears, who managed to pick up three matches, a fantastic double for Ben Willson, beating both Cockburn and Tony Zeqiri in 5 sets. Ryan Lines picked up the other, beating Lewis Carby 3-1. Mark Jackson was unlucky to be on the losing end of his matches to Zeqiri and Carby, both in the deciding ends. Lisa Rinnhofer and Charlotte Spencer demonstrated some excellent play against Patterson and Skeggs, but the Norfolk duo picked up all four women’s matches. The overall score was 7-3 to Norfolk.

 The final match in the 2018-19 season was against South Yorkshire. Willson clearly wanted the extra table time after the Christmas break, and continued with another 5 set battle, this time beating Steve Crosby! Mark Jackson doubled the lead for Warwickshire beating Chris Cattell 3-2. Charlotte Spencer beat Pat Thorley 3-1; Lines beat Shaun Bibby 3-1, followed by Lisa Rinnhofer beating Vicky Johnson 3-2. Jackson was following Willson’s tradition of 5 set battles, also beating Crosby 3-2. Spencer then dispatched of Johnson 3-0, despite two of the sets being deuce. Willson demolished South Yorkshire’s number 1 Bibby 3-0. Rinnhofer beat Thorley 3-1, and in the last match Lines beat Cattell 3-0. The 10-0 win was a great way to end the season.

 The results mean that Warwickshire have finished the season with five wins, and only two losses. This will guarantee a second place finish behind Norfolk, and ahead of Cambridge 1st team on sets difference.

 Thank you to the following players who have represented the Warwickshire Senior 2nd team this season: Ben Willson, Ryan Lines, Ryan Stockham, Mark Jackson, Charlotte Spencer, Olivia Fletcher, Dawn Sagoo, Di St Ledger and Lisa Rinnhofer. Well done.

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