The Warwickshire Championships is one of the best in the Midlands. The atmosphere is vibrant and its a great days table tennis.

There are events for all ages from Under 11 to Over 70. The Over 70 event is new so if you have friends over 70 who are not on the web please let them know. There are also restricted events for men, women, junior boys and junior girls from which the top players are excluded to give average club players an event they can have a chance to do well in.

The results of the 2015 - 16 Championships can be found below

Mens Singles: Lawrence Sweeney beat Michael Browne

Ladies Singles: Kate Hughes beat Lisa Rinnhofer

Men’s Doubles: Sam Henderson/Ed Lynn

beat Michael Browne/Patrick Glynn

Women’s Doubles: Kate Hughes/Joanna Outhwaite

beat Livvy Fletcher/Lisa Rinnhofer

Mixed Doubles: Kate Hughes/Ryan Stockham

beat Livvy Fletcher/Timmy Cooper

Veteran Men: Mark Jackson beat Stephen Robinson

Over 50: Michael Browne beat Andrew Frain

Over 60: Patrick Glynn beat Phil Paine

Over 70: Terry Cooper beat William Fletcher

Veteran Doubles: Earl Sweeney/Mark Jackson

beat Rajinder Singh/Andrew Frain  

Junior Boys: Sam Henderson beat Sam Weaving

Junior Girls: Milly Bradshaw beat Katie Singleton

Cadet Boys: Lewis Singleton beat Adam Cofler

Under 13 Boys: Robbie Fitchford beat Ricardo Bolanos

Under 13 Girls: Sophie Rinnhofer beat Milly Green

Under 11 Boys: Nicholas Ho beat William Chen

Under 11 Girls: Sophie Rinnhofer beat Erin Darwen

Junior Boys Doubles: Timmy Cooper/Lee Dorning

beat Sam Henderson/Sam Weaving

Junior Girls Doubles: Milly Bradshaw/Livvy Fletcher

beat  Jennifer Singleton/Eve Briscoe

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