Week 13 Report

he Results for week 13 matches are now in:

In the Premier Division, evergreen Ken Stonebridge again won all 3 singles as Abotts Langley drew with Cougars. Jamie Fisher was again unbeaten, helping Urban 'B' in a 4-4 draw with Bats, while Piotr Borkowski won all 3 singles as leaders Solaris 'A' beat Aardvarks 5-3.

In Div 1, Andy Wilson was unbeaten for Falcons as they beat Watling 'C'. Jonathan Jackson was yet again unbeaten as Watling 'A' maintained second place with a 5-3 win over Dolphins, while James Murray was unbeaten as Eagles beat Hounds to remain top. Watling 'B' ran out 5-3 winners against Gazelles.
In Div 2, Peter Denholm continues his good form by winning all 3 singles as Iguanas beat Kangaroos to take second spot. Oxhey Hall scored maximum points with a 7-1 win over Meerkats. Steve Barnet won 3 singles as Lions beat Jaguars 6-2.

In Div 3, junior Adam Barber won all 3 singles as Quails beat Ospreys, while David Saunders won 3 singles as leaders LMR Audit hold onto top spot.


Premier Division: Cougars vs. Abotts Langley 4-4; Urban 'B' vs. Bats 4-4; Solaris 'A' vs. Aardvarks 5-3

Division One:  Watling 'C' vs. Falcons 3-5; Dolphins vs. Watling 'A' 3-5; Hounds vs. Eagles 3-5; Watling 'B' vs. Gazelles 5-3

Division Two: Kangaroos vs. Iguanas 3-5; Meerkats vs. Oxhey Hall CA 1-7; Lions vs. Jaguars 6-2   

Division Three: Quails vs. Ospreys 5-3; Panthers vs. LMR Audit 1-7 

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