2016-17 WEEK 6 REPORT

In the Premier league, Jets Aardvarks and Watling ‘A’ tied their top of the table match, despite 3 more singles wins for junior Sammy Kaye (Watling ‘A’). Adam Johnson (Jets Bats) and Ken Stonebridge (Herts Abbots ‘A’) also recorded 3 singles wins each, as Herts Abbots 'A' were the only winning team!

In Division 1, Alan Thomas (Herts Abbots ‘B’) Andy Millar (Jets Gazelles), Anthony Close (Jets Hounds) and Andrew Meisel (Watling ‘C’) won all 3 singles as Herts Abbots remain at the top of the table.

In Division 2, Y.K Tang (Jets Meerkats) youngster Adam Barber (Jets Newts) and Peter Denholm (Jets Kangaroos) won all 3 singles. Jets Kangaroos remain unbeaten and continue to lead the table, ahead of Jets Lions

In Division 3, Red Gardner (Jets Raccoons) again won all 3 of his singles as Jets Racoons continue to lead the Division.


Premier Division:  Jets Aardvarks  vs. Watling 'A' 4-4; Herts Abbots ‘A’ vs. Jets Eagles 5-3; Jets Bats vs. Jets Dolphins 4-4; Jets Falcons  vs. Jets Cougars 4-4;

Division One: Jets Gazelles vs. Watling ‘C’ 8-0; Watling ‘C’ vs. Jets Jaguars 5-3; Jets Hounds vs. Jets Jaguars 5-3; Watling ‘B’ vs. Herts Abbots ‘B’ 3-5

Division Two: Jets Meerkats vs. Jets Lions 4-4; Jets Ospreys vs. Jets Newts 2-6; Jets Kangaroos vs. LMR Audit 7-1

Division Three: Jets Quails vs. Jets Unicorns 5-3; Raccoons vs. Jets Squirrels 8-0

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