What is the Expedite Rule

After many refinements to a rule which was introduced in 1936, the current rule states that games can only last for a maximum of 10 minutes play before the Expedite rule comes into operation, unless at least 18 points (the sum of both players scores) have already been scored.

After 10 minutes play:

1. If at least 18 points have already been scored the game continues to a conclusion - however long it takes.

2. If 18 points have NOT been scored after 10 minutes play then the game will be interrupted by the umpire.

3. The game will then be restarted with the onus effectively placed on the server to play offensively.

4. Each player will serve alternately until the end of the game.

5. If the receiver makes 13 good returns then the receiver will win the point and the game continues until there is a winner. If required a second person can be brought in to count the 'returns'.

6. In order to reduce the time to play subsequent games, all subsequent games in the same match will use the Expedite rule from the start of the game.

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