Town Tournanment

Barrow and District Table-Tennis League Town Tournament 2013 / 14



Monday 14th April:   Open Singles (12)              Tuesday 15th April:  Handicap (16)

Wednesday 16th April:    Veterans (12)          Numbers in brackets denote maximum entry- first come first served via e-mail


Venue and Times:

The events take place at Hawcoat Park. 7.00pm start for all competitions. Events should finish by 10pm each night. Events will be played on four tables.


£2.00 per event entered. A cheque for the correct amount should be made payable to ‘Barrow and District Table-Tennis League’ and should be brought on the night. This will be refunded should the event fail to run. Where a player fails to turn up, his or her entry cost shall be forfeited.

Please endeavour to let me know if you cannot attend having entered, as when players fail to show it can cause problems with uneven groups, etc.


Small Print:

1) For a specific event to run, there should be a minimum of eight entries.

2) All events, bar the Handicap, are played best of five games up to eleven, as dictated by league rules. The handicap is played best of three games up to 21, based on the then-current handicaps.

3) ‘Veteran’ is defined as 40 or over on the day of the competition.

4) Participants must be registered members of Barrow and District Table-Tennis League.

5) Trophies will be awarded on Finals’ night to the winner and runner-up of each event.

6) In the event of a dispute, the organiser’s / organisers’ decision is final.

Closing Date and Submitting Form:

Please let me know by Friday 11th April if you wish to enter. Please do this via e-mail: Please state which events you’re entering and bring a cheque as detailed above on the evening of the competition. 


A Rallying Cry!

Please try to support your local league by entering at least one event. I have again gone for fewer events in an attempt to reach the minimum number required. In addition, I’m aiming to ensure the competitions are finished by 10pm. Please spread the word, and let’s see if we can make a success of the 2013 / 14 tournament. I look forward to seeing you on the evening (s) concerned.

Apologies for Short Notice

Due to the closure of the main table-tennis centre (Furness Academy) it has taken some time to decide where and how to hold our town tournament this year. If you need to postpone a league fixture to facilitate entry in the competition, please contact Keith Mallinson. We hope you enjoy playing at our new excellent venue complete with bar.

Best Wishes,

Stephen Cairns

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