1 The League shall be called “The Barrow and District Table Tennis League,” and shall be affiliated to the English Table Tennis Association.

2(1) The Officers of the League shall be the President, Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary General Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and the Honorary Auditor, who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall be eligible for re-election. The Council may submit nominations for the above officers.

2(2) The maximum number of Vice-Presidents shall be four.

2(3) Life members may be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

2(4) The Chairman of the League shall be chairman of all Committees called under these Rules. In his absence a temporary chairman shall be appointed. The chairman of a meeting shall have a casting vote.

3(1) The affairs of the League shall be vested in the Council, consisting of the President, Chairman, Honorary General Secretary (HGS), Honorary Treasurer (HT), Divisional Match Secretaries (DMS), KO Secretary (KOS). And one representative from each club.

3(2) The quorum necessary for the transaction of the Council shall be greater than 50% of the clubs in membership.

3(3) Each member of the Council shall have one vote.

3(4) A Council meeting shall be held on the first Monday of each month during the playing season, unless otherwise agreed by the Council. Clubs failing to send a representative to a Council Meeting shall be fined £4.00. A Club may only be represented by one of that clubs registered players or official, with the exception of Clubs located outside the Furness Area.

3(5) A Council Meeting may be called outside of the playing season if three of the Officers so require.

3(6) A club that fails to send a representative to two consecutive Council Meetings in any one season shall be in default. The period in default shall continue until a representative of the Club attends a meeting. During this period in default, all points gained by the club shall be forfeited.

For the purposed of this rule, the season shall run from the AGM to the next.

3(7) All questions of the application and interpretation of these rules, or any claim under the rules shall be referred to the Council.

4(1) The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held by 31st August. Fourteen days notice of the date, place and business of the meeting shall be sent to all Clubs who were members of the League in the previous season. The date and place of the meeting shall be fixed by Council.

4(2) Notice of retirement from the position of any office should be served on the HGS at least 14 days before the meeting.

4(3) Notices of motion for discussion at the AGM shall be in writing and signed, and be served on the HGS at least 21 days before the meeting. Amendments to motions can be made verbally at the AGM with the approval of the Chairman.

4(4) Each Registered Player, league official and club secretary shall have 1 vote at the AGM.

4(5) If at any League Council Meeting, a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the League, the Council shall instruct the Secretary to convene a SGM within 28 days to discuss and vote on the resolution.

If at the SGM the resolution is carried by at least two thirds of the Full Members present at the meeting, the Officers of the League shall there-upon, or at such date as shall be specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the assets of the League and discharge all debts and liabilities of the League.

After discharging all debts and liabilities of the League, the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst the Full Members pf the League, but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having objectives similar to those of the League.

5(1) The AGM shall elect from registered players and officials of the League:

(a) A Selection Committee consisting of there members. The Committee shall select the teams or players to represent the League as and when required.

(b) A Knock-out Committee consisting of one registered player from each division. The Committee will be responsible for Rules 17, 18, 20 and 25.

(c) A Tournament Committee consisting of 4 members. The Committee will be responsible for the administration of the Annual Tournament, subject to prior approval of the Council.

5(2) The League Chairman HGS, and HT shall be ex-officio members of the above committees.

6(1) No alterations, amendments or revisions of these Rules can be made except at the AGM or at a Special General Meeting (SGM) expressly called for that purpose. The meeting shall decide when any changes in the

Rules shall come into effect. The rules of any competition shall not be amended before the next AGM and cannot be backdated

6(2) The HGS shall convene a SGM within 28 days of (a) being instructed to do so by the Council, or (b) receiving such a request in writing signed by at least 28 registered players. The instruction and any such request shall state the business to be discussed. Notice of such a meeting shall be given as in Rule 4(1). Only one SGM shall be called each season for the same topic.

6(3) Amendments to motions can be made verbally at the SGM with approval of the Chairman.

6(4) The Council can propose amendments, etc, to the rules. Such proposals need only be signed on behalf of the Council by the Chairman and HGS.

7(1) The HT shall collect all monies due to the League and shall keep a proper account of receipts and expenditure, and shall submit a Balance Sheet ending 30th April, to the AGM for approval. Any matters referred back under this rule shall be dealt with by the Council.

7(2) All cheques issued on behalf of the League must be signed by two officers, namely the Honorary Treasurer in all cases, together with either the Chairman or HGS. An account shall be kept at a bank or building society.

8(1) Any Club wishing to join the League shall pay the appropriate ETTA and Barrow Table Tennis Centre affiliation fees.

8(2) For each registered player a fee of £7.60 must be paid. For players under the age of 17 on the 1st July prior to commencement of the season or for pensioners and unemployed at the time of the November Council Meeting the fee shall be £6.20. In addition a fee of £5 (Juniors £3) for membership to the Barrow and District Table Tennis Centre shall be paid. For reserves who play no more than 6 league or cup matches the registration fee shall only be paid. Reserves to be nominated on the ranking list but if a reserve plays more than 6 games the extra fee is to be paid before the seventh game is played. The fees become due by the first Council Meeting in November of each year.

8(3) All fees and fines must be paid to the HT by the first Council meeting in November. A Club failing to comply with this rule shall be fined £5.. The Council shall at the November meeting or as soon as convenient thereafter instruct the HGS to serve a notice on any defaulting club in writing by first class post advising each club that they are in default. Each club shall have 10 days after the posting of such notice by the HGS (but no longer) to pay to the HT the fees and fines due under this rule. If at the expiration of this period the fees and fines remain unpaid then the defaulting club shall forfeit all points gained from the first Council Meeting in November until actual payment. The certification of the HGS as to the date of such notice shall be final and conclusive.

8(4) Any club not fulfilling their fixtures shall be fined £20 subject to Council approval.

8(5) The fees mentioned in paragraph 8(2) above may be changed by the AGM not withstanding anything in Rule 4(3) or (6).



9(1) The opening date for the League Competition shall be decided at the AGM.

9(2) Each Club applying for membership of the League shall complete the official registration form indicating the number of teams they wish to enter and the home nights. The registration form to be received by the HGS 7 days before the AGM. Clubs not registered within this period shall be fined £10. A list of players assigned to teams must be submitted by each club, prior to the first Council Meeting immediately before the start of the season. Clubs in default shall be fined £2 per week until the player list is received by the HGS.

9(3) A player may only be registered for one club and shall not be eligible to take part in any match unless his registration has been in the hands of the HGS for at least 24 hours recorded, as per the date the player is available to play, and be made transparent to the clubs in the league.

9(4) A player may be transferred only after a formal request has been accepted by the HGS from the Clubs concerned; a transfer fee of £3 will be due. The fee is payable to the League funds by the receiving Club. Transfers require the approval of the Council.

9(5) Players who owe money to their clubs shall have transfer requests or future registrations refused by the Barrow & District Table Tennis league until such time as the offending player clears the debt with their previous club.

10(1) The formation of the divisions shall be decided at the September Council Meeting.

10(2) There shall be a blank week to play the first round of the Dixon Cup and an additional blank week for the Centenary Cup. There will also be a break of 2 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.

11 The composition of all teams shall be of 3 registered players. Each player shall play 3 singles and any 2 players in the team shall play one doubles. A fourth registered player may be allowed to play in the doubles if eligible.

12(1) Promotion and relegation for the forthcoming season shall be decided at the September Council Meeting with the proviso that not more than 2 teams shall be promoted or relegated from any division. In the event of teams tying on points league position will be decided on matches won, sets and game points. If teams are still level the results between those teams using the above list will decide position.

12(2) In the event of a team withdrawing from the League during the season, its record shall be expunged and it shall be deemed relegated.

12(3) In the event of a team withdrawing from the League during the close season, the Division shall be made up with teams from the next lower Division in order of merit to the promoted teams.

12(4) All new teams shall be entered in the lowest Division or as approved at the AGM. Senior teams may be entered in the next higher division if a place is available irrespective of standard.

12(5) Players in the top two teams in each division shall receive trophies. Their form and method of presentation shall be decided by the Council.

12(6) Each division shall have its own merit competition and each of the winners shall receive appropriate prizes. The winner in each competition shall be the player with the highest averages and who has played at least 75% of the matches in a season. Each divisional competition shall be monitored by the respective match secretary and the merit tables will be published periodically in the local press and website. Such tables including the final table are only to include wins gained by the players whilst playing for their own team. Wins gained by players playing extra games as permitted under Rule 15(3) or on any other occasion are NOT to count for the purpose of the Merit competition.. Wins gained by players due to the non-appearance of a member or members of the opposition shall not count for the purpose of the Merit competition.

13(1) Protest and appeals relating to the laws of the game or the Rules of the League shall only be considered by the Council if they are sent to the HSG in writing, and where the dispute arises from a League or Cup fixture within seven days of the match having been played.

13(2) Any protest or appeal must be accompanied by a fee of £3 which shall be returned by the League if the Protest is upheld. Failure to comply with this Rule will make the application invalid.

14(1) Each Club (or team) shall be given a hard copy of the seasons fixture list prior to the start of the season ( ie an A4 print out if the fixture book is not yet available) The Club Secretary or team captain shall ensure every player of their club receives a copy. Only the Hon League Secretary and Officers of the League shall be responsible and take FULL ownership of the fixture book which shall contain League fixtures, Cup Competitions, Town Tournament schedule and up to date League Rules as per the most recent AGM. Matches shall be played as printed in the fixture book and may only be postponed or brought forward under the following circumstances:

a) If the premises of the home Club are unavailable,

b) If the date of the fixture falls on Good Friday, Easter Monday, New Years Eve, or New Years Day.

c) With the approval of the Chairman, or in his absence the General Secretary, if in his opinion, the circumstances are reasonable and agreed by both parties.

d) If a fixture involving a school side becomes impossible to fulfil due to industrial action by teaching staff or other school offices.

e) If a player from a league match is required for representative fixture.

14(2) Clubs wishing to postpone or bring forward fixtures under 14(1)(a) must bring their request before the Council Meeting prior to the fixture.

14(3)(a) If a team fails to inform their opponents of their inability to fulfil a fixture, at least 24 hours before the fixture, they shall be fined £5.00

14(3)(b) Where no notification is given, if no member of a team turns up the match shall be awarded to their opponents, and the club shall be fined £10.00 and 10 points deducted.

14(3)(c) With any match that is awarded the points shall be decided by Council with the offending team receiving no points.

14(4) In the event of a fixture being postponed, a player may not play for another team in his club during the week unless playing on one of the four occasions permitted under Rule 15(3).

14(6) Points for League matches shall be awarded as follows:

10 Points for a 10-0 win

9 Points for a 9-1 win

8 Points for a 8-2 win

7 Points for a 7-3 win

6 Points for a 6-4 win

5 points for a draw

4 points for a 6-4 defeat

3 points for a 7-3 defeat

2 points for a 8-2 defeat

1 points for a 9-1 defeat

0 points for a 10-0 defeat


14(7) All postponed matches shall be played within 4 weeks with both teams agreeable. Matches postponed during last two fixture weeks shall be played before the season end. Two dates must be given for the rearranged matches. If the match is not played the points shall be awarded as decided by Council.

15(1) All matches must start at 7.30pm and visiting teams must be allowed the use of the table for practice from 7.15 pm. No practice shall be allowed after 7.30 pm except for teams travelling to and from Barrow.

15(2) One player is allowed to arrive by 7.30 pm a second by 8.00 pm and third by 8.30 pm. If players are in default of these times, their games shall be awarded to their opponents. If only one player has arrived by 8.00 pm then the absent players games may be claimed.

15(3)(a) A player may only play for a team for which he/she has been registered [Subject to 15(3)(b)].

15(3)(b) A Player may play for a team above that for which he has been registered but may not play for a lower team. Only one player may step up.

15(3)(c) A player may only transfer within teams in a club having received the approval of the Council. A written transfer request must be submitted to the Secretary for consideration at the next Council Meeting, advising of the mitigating circumstances.

15(3)(d) Where the Council decides that the alphabetical order of Teams is not representative of their relative strengths, the Secretary will inform the Club Secretary of the order to be used for the purposes of playing up for a higher team. Council may reassign team names but fixtures and playing record will apply to the same team of player.

15(3)(e) Where the Council decides that the relative strength of an individual player is greater than the team he is registered for, that player will be starred, and will not be allowed to play for a team above for which he has been registered. Only one starred player will be permitted per team. In a fixture where two teams from the same club play each other, if the highest ranking team fails to play two of the normal pool of players registered for that team, they shall be fined £10 and have 5 points deducted. The allocation of points for the match shall be decided by the Council.

15(4) The order of play shall be alternative with the Home Captain having first choice. Where 2 tables are being used the Home Captain can nominate which Home Player plays on which table in the first pair of matches. The Visiting Captain then has the choice of which table his nominated player plays on in the next set of pairings. Sets of a player who has not arrived by 8.30 pm unless otherwise mutually agreed, shall be forfeited.

15(5) The match result card must be received by the Divisional Match Secretary within 7 days of the match having been played. A team failing to comply with this rule shall be fined £2.

15(6) Visiting clubs should play on two tables when required at any club where circumstances require the match to finish early. The Home side must vacate both tables 15 minutes prior to the requested start time to allow the visiting side to be given the opportunity to practice on both tables (Incorporating Rule 15(1)).

Any player may claim a 5 minute break between successive events except in the case of Rule 15(4).

16(1) All matches shall be played in accordance with the rules of the ETTA.

16(2) Unless mutually agreed by the Team Captains each team shall umpire alternate games with the Home Team umpiring the first game.

16(3) The Team Captains shall select the umpire who must be a registered League player, or an ex-registered League player. The umpires decision is final except under appeal to the Council.

16(4) There should be a white line on the table for doubles matches, if either side request one.

16(5) All divisions must use a new ETTA approved ball of at least Three Star” quality.

16(6) The surface on one side of the racket shall be bright red and the surface on the other shall be black whether or not both sides are used for striking the ball.

16(7) Each registered player shall be covered by Civil Liability Insurance, the fee to be set by the ETTA..

16(8) During play, players visible clothing, other than stockings, socks and shoes, to be predominantly of colours other than white and colour design should not be distracting or dazzling.

16(9) In the event of any Club altering, for any of its teams, either its home night or address of the club premises during the playing season, then the Secretary of that Club shall give one week’s notice, this Notice to be to the Secretaries of the other Clubs in the League who have a team which may be affected by the change.

16(10) Players and coaches shall refrain from behaviour that may unfairly affect an opponent, may offend spectators, or bring the sport into disrepute, including deliberately breaking the ball or hitting the table with a racket, bad language or excessive shouting, deliberately hitting the ball out of the playing area, kicking the table or surrounds, disrespect of match officials and disregard of the regulations prohibiting advice during

play. If after being warned by the umpire the player continues to offend, in any way, the umpire shall award a penalty point to the opposition side for each offence.

16(11) Members of the League whose conduct is inappropriate or who decline to abide by any of the rules or byelaws may be expelled or suspended by a resolution passed at the Council Meeting where their league fees may be forfeited. Members shall have the right to appeal in person to the Council with regard to any decision affecting themselves, provided that notice of appeal is submitted to the Secretary, within seven days of notification of the decision.




17 A competition for the Dixon Cup and Centenary Cup shall be held annually. The draw for each round shall be made by the KO committee. The dates for each round shall be printed in the fixture book and on web site.

18(1) Matches shall be played on or before the date fixed by the KO Committee with match cards sent to the KO Secretary within 7 days of the match having been played, responsibility for this lies with the winning team and fines shall be levied as per Rule 15(5). In the event of a match being played before the date fixed by the KO committee, the KO Secretary shall be informed at least 3 days before the rearranged date.

18(2) Teams failing to abide by Rule 18(1): the KO Committee reserves the right at their discretion, either to scrub the match or scrub the offending team with the opponents going through to the next round.

19 The home team shall be responsible for arranging the matches, giving their opponents at least two dates on which the match may be played. The semi-finals and final shall be on neutral tables as determined by the KO Committee or as mutually agreed by the two teams. If a club reaches both the final of the Dixon Cup and the Centenary Cup the matches shall be played on separate nights.

20(1) The handicap for individual players in the competition shall be decided by the KO Committee. They can be altered at any time

20(2) The “change-ends point” in the deciding set of any handicap game shall be the midpoint between the players handicap and the “game up” score

21(1) The competition shall be played in accordance with the League Rules or as verified by the Council.

21(2) The matches shall be played in accordance with Rule 11.

21(3) Clubs entering more than one team must nominate at least three players for each team.

22 No player may play for more than one team in the competition.

23 An entry fee of £1 per team or as determined by the Council, shall accompany the entry form.

24 Finalists in the competition shall be awarded trophies. A “Man of the Match” Trophy shall be awarded to one player taking part in the final. This player shall be chosen by the KO Committee.

25 Appeals, protests or claims relating to the KO competition must be submitted in writing to the HGS within seven days of the match having been played.

26 Entries in the Lancashire League, Wilmott Cup, Roose Bowl, Carter Cup and Bronfield Trophy Events are to be decided by Council at the monthly meeting prior to the closing date for entries.

27 Transport is to be provided, or expenses paid, for representative matches. Claims to be approved by Council.

28 After a player has made 10 appearances for any Town Team he shall be awarded his Town Badge. A player awarded such a badge shall be entitled to wear, on behalf of the League, the official Town Crest. The Crest may also be awarded by Council for services to the League.



29 The League will be expected to meet the cost for loan of tables and equipment from individual clubs willing to loan the same. The hire charge will be negotiated by the Tournament Committee at the meeting prior to the date equipment is required.


30 Where no specific penalty is provided for a contravention of these Rules, it shall be decided by the Council.


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