Bolton News 15 March
Last week the Premier’s top team Ramsbottom Cricket Club are back on top after facing a third placed two-man Ramsbottom Town A team. Ram Town had fielded an ineligible substitute and the Cricketers won 23 – 12 despite a resisting nine from Michael Moir. Second placed Flixton Cricket Club A beat Little Lever Cricket Club A 24 – 7 with maximum nines from Philip Bowen and Stephen Scowcroft while their B team had a 24 – 7 win over Wharton aided by a nine from Jordon Potts. Nomads A overcame Hilton A 22 – 8 with a nine from Charles Musa. Bottom team Coburg A had a gifted win 19 – 14 after facing a two-man Radcliffe Cricket Club.

In Division One the top team Burning Desire had an unexpected defeat against second placed Acre Bottom 20 – 16 assisted by a nine from John Hope. Burning Desire still have a comfortable lead due to their consistency over the season. Third placed Nomads B had a 21 – 15 win over Ramsbottom Town B despite a resisting nine from David Kay. Bottom team Meadow Ben A overcame mid-table Farnworth SC A 18 – 12 despite a resisting nine from John Hutchinson. Coburg B beat Little Lever Cricket Club B 21 – 18. An inter-club match between Hilton B and C had the B team on top 21 – 8 assisted by a nine from Allen Cowley. Wingates beat BRASS A 18 – 14 with nines from John and Alan Bradbury.

In Division Two top team Heaton Cricket Club B maintain their form with a close 21 – 16 win over third placed Meadow Ben B helped by a nine from David Hall while their C team lost out to Hilton E 20 – 14 with nine points from Gary Hilton. Second placed Hilton D continued their drive for promotion with a 23 – 16 win over Hilton F. Bottom team Top Spinners had a 20 – 14 win over Boyzone just above them mainly due to playing sub Faizan Bhura from Division Three’s St. Paul’s Peel who obliged with nine points. A mid-table clash saw Ladybridge B overcome Bolton TTC A 24 – 9 with a nine from John Hilton.

Division Three’s top team Bolton TTC B had a comfortable win over Hilton G 24 – 8 with maximum nines from Sam Greenhalgh and Peter McCormick. Strangely, Farnworth SC C in sixth place had a 19 – 14 win over their own B team in third place. Second placed St. Paul’s Peel beat Meadow Ben C 24 – 17 despite a resisting nine from Ian Wheeldon.

In Division Four top team juniors Hilton I maintained form with a 22 – 12 win over their own junior J team with top of the averages Steven Gao getting the maximum nine points. Second placed Meadow Hill A also had a straightforward win 27 – 4 over a two-man Ladybridge C. Meanwhile their bottom of the division B team lost 21 – 10 to venue compatriots Meadow Ben D with nines from Neil Cowburn and Alan Calvert. Third place Hilton H had a straightforward win over a two-man Irlam Steel 21 – 9.

The Ron Hindle Cup for Division Four teams was played in advance of the scheduled date. Juniors Hilton I assisted by a start of 58.5 beat their own J team 369.5 – 361 compensating for their league loss above.
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