Minutes of the BTTL Committee meeting held at 7.30pm on Thursday 3rd May 2018 at the Hilton Centre

Present: Messrs. Bolton, Caswell, Chauhan, Tatlock, D Scowcroft (in the char), J Scowcroft, Mrs Smart & Mrs Scowcroft.

Apologies for absence: Messrs. Barker, Bradbury, McCormick, Rothwell & Mrs Barker.

Minutes of the last meeting: These had been circulated and were agreed.

Matters Arising: It was asked if anyone had understood the Bury system but all agreed it seemed difficult to get your head around and in some cases seemed subject to opinion rather than fact. The Match Secretary has a system for the Closed Championships. We also have the National Rankings. The General Secretary would liaise with the Match Secretary and Mr Chauhan who had raised the issue.

Correspondence: Paul Clarke had asked if he could have a team in Division One playing from Platt Bridge Community Centre. It was said to be the same distance as Ramsbottom from Bolton Town Centre and four miles closer than Flixton. The Committee were in favour in principle, if there was a space. It would be raised as a point of information at the AGM.

A letter had been received stating that P*** B******** should only be allowed to play in the Premier Division. It was said to be on behalf of Coburg and some Hilton B players. The full text is here. This had been passed to the player concerned for any comments and the General Secretary had had a discussion with him about its contents.

A long discussion took place. It was understandable that a team coming third would be disappointed. It was noted that it had been discussed a couple of year’s ago at the AGM as a way of getting the player back playing as he was unable to get a place in the Premier and some were interpreting League Set Up rule 12 (a) rather rigidly. After which, he had played as discussed, in a self-contained team. However, he had now moved sideways into another squad and settled in well. There were two other players playing in Divisions below their standard. In one case it was because they could not get into a team in a higher division.

The Committee felt that the league should all be about inclusion, not exclusion. To state that a player could only play in a certain division could quite easily result in a player not playing at all.

Also, the Chairman said that we should not be passing rules applicable to one player. If someone wanted to propose a rule that encompassed all players in such a situation, then that was up to them. The domain of the AGM was rule proposals.

Mr. B********* said that he had made the comment referred to, but this was just a throw away comment on being told to leave the room. “How could he possibly affect anything?”

Some facts from the General Secretary:
Had he played against R********* C twice and won nine each time, there is no way it would have affected the first place in the division, because of the points differential. In the first match he did not play against C*****. In the last match H***** B beat C***** 22 - 16 which suggests that the second place in the division was sound.
J*** H********* didn’t play in the first match against R********* C, but did in the second. He played once against C*****, but he played against H***** B twice and they came second. This again emphasises that the tables are sound.

To take it a stage further the General Secretary redid the existing tables removing Mr B******** and giving all his wins back to the opposition, thinking he would then re-sort the table. However, he was astonished to find that it did not need sorting. It was still the same. Thinking he must have made some mistake, he repeated the exercise with the other player in that division who usually won most of his matches, but did not play them all. This gave the same result. This shows that under our scoring system one player can have little effect on the outcome of the final tables. Click here for the tables.

Re the disruptive behaviour referred to. If any occurs in future, this was a matter for the Committee and should be reported in detail to the Committee within seven days of the match so that normal disciplinary procedures could be instigated.
Any hounding of players should not take place. Table Tennis was supposed to be an enjoyable night out. We do not wish to be having to contact the welfare section of Table Tennis England.

Mr B******** has been asked to refrain from any comments that may be interpreted as having the intention to ‘wind up’ and also keep a low profile.

Reference had been made to the problems of teams asking him to play for them. He may agree to one, but not another as he is otherwise engaged. This then gives the impression of favouritism. Hopefully a new rule proposal will solve that.

Rule proposals: (<- Click link) League Set Up Rule 12 (c) which concerned the step-up rules was revamped to hopefully prevent any team or individual pushing the boundaries.

AOB: It was said that next year, the Match Secretary permissions granted to Committee members would be able to be removed as anyone could now be given permission to enter any particular match card. They would not be able to finalise it, but just submit it for finalisation.

Date and venue of the AGM: Thursday 14th June 2018

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