How Do I....Make my Details Visible?

If you are a Committee member, Club secretary or team secretary/captain, you need to ensure your contact details are visible on the website, so other league members can contact you to rearrange fixtures for example.  Below are some instructions on how to do this.


Step 1 - Log in to Table Tennis 365 website


You can log into the website by clicking here.  If you have not already logged in, you will see the TTE login screen shown below.

TTE - Login Screen

If you get an error message saying "Entry forbidden", you may need to go directly to the Table Tennis England login screen by clicking here

Enter your TTE Membership number (or username) and the password you created for this site.

Step 2 - Set your General Privacy Setting


Once in,  navigate to the "Membership => My Data => Privacy"  screen.

On the "Privacy" screen, set the access level to each piece of personal information.  As a minimum, you need to give access to a phone number and email address.  

TTE - My Data & Privacy


Step 3 - Adjust settings for the Bury League


The next step is to adjust the settings for the Bury League website within Table Tennis 365 (and/or any other leagues you are a member of.  This is accessed from the "Membership=> My Data => My Leagues and Clubs" menu.

Find the league where you want your names to appear (Bury) in the "Leagues and Clubs I belong to" section, and make sure the text underneath "Bury" contains:

  • ....with Contact Details record access
  • ....with Full record access

If it is showing

  • ....with Basic record access will need to (1) click on the "Change Access" link, (2) use the drop down list box to select "Contact Details" or "Full" (3) click on the "Confirm" button to save your changes.

TTE - My League and Clubs


Step 4 - Make sure your details are now visible


Finally, if you have completed these steps, you details should now be visible on the TT365 website.  Please check!

If you have any trouble getting your details to appear after following these instructions, please get in touch.  My contact details are shown below.




Martyn Rolling

Match Secretary
Bury & District Table Tennis League
Mobile: 07739 936 136

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