2015 - 2016 Winners

Hard Bat - Simon Proffitt
Knowles Cup (Handicapped up to 26) - Sean Joyce, Barry Joyce, Roger Hookey (s), Dave Newnham
Handicap Doubles - Tim Wakeley, Pauline Rorke
Super Vets (+60) - Peter Clarke
Gordon Burns - Danny Burns
Island Championships (Mens Singles) - Simon Proffitt
Island Championships (Ladies Singles) - Temeesha Hobbs
Island Championships (Mixed Doubles) - Temeesha Hobbs, Don Hobbs
Island Championships (Ladies Doubles) - Maggie Preston, Pauline Rorke
Island Championships (Mens Doubles) - Chris Angus, Jim Hall
Brian Warne Cup - Chris Angus, Julie Strevens
Vets Island Championships (+40) - Chris Angus
County Press (Handicapped Pairs) - John Linington, Roger West
Winter League (Division 1) - Danny Burns, Roger Hookey, Anna Joyce (Newport Vics A)
Winter League (Division 2) - Temeesha Hobbs, Charlie O'Riain, Michael Joyce (Newport Vics B)
Winter League (Division 3) - Allen Dennis, Tom Waddell, Darol Wilson (Shanklin)
Pairs League (Div 1 only) - Dave Hilliam, Jim Hall (Robbins)
Summer League -

Congratulations to all winners
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