Articles of Association (as amended at AGM 10thAugust 2021)

1. The League shall be called The Llandudno & District Table Tennis League. (The League or LTTL)

2. Affiliation

2.1. The League is currently affiliated to its main Governing Body, Table Tennis Wales (TTW) from whom it will seek advice, and apply its byelaws and Codes of Practice amended or otherwise.

2.2. The League is also affiliated, by region, to the North Wales Counties Table Tennis Association (NWCTTA).

2.3. General playing rules will be governed by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF)

3. Mission Statement

3.1. We aim to be the best table tennis league in Wales.

3.2. We will strive to achieve this aim by organising a league, competitions, coaching & recreational table tennis, played in a friendly, safe, competitive environment. We will do this by:

3.2.1. Respecting the rights, dignity and worth of every person within the League and in the context of table tennis

3.2.2. Treating everyone equally and not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, nationality, colour, parental or marital status, religious belief, class or social background, sexual preference or political belief.

3.2.3. Not condoning, or allow to go unchallenged, any form of discrimination if witnessed.

3.2.4. Ensuring that everyone in the League displays high standards of behaviour.

3.2.5. Promoting the positive aspects of table tennis, for example fair play.

3.2.6. Encouraging all participants to learn the Laws and Rules and play within them whilst always respecting the decisions of match officials. A copy of the current ITTF Laws of Table Tennis will be made available as a download on the League’s website for all to learn and refer to.

3.2.7. Actively discouraging unfair play, rule violations and arguing with match officials.

3.2.8. Recognising good performance not just match results.

3.2.9. Ensuring that everyone understands that enjoyment of the sport is the main objective.

3.3. Our aims & objectives will be spearheaded by a Management Committee with the relevant skills, and through consultation with our governing body (TTW), our Clubs, coaches and members.

4. Welsh Language

4.1. We acknowledge the fact that under the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 the Welsh language has official status, and should be treated no less favourably than the English language.

4.2. We believe that it is good practice to provide services in the language of the choice of our members.

4.3. We will ensure that we make constant progress towards achieving this ambition, where appropriate, to help us develop our use of Welsh.

4.4. The scope of our commitments with regards to this policy should be interpreted reasonably - they are limited to activities and services in Wales or which are delivered to people living in Wales, and also limited to activities and services which we are able to control or influence. They are also limited to the extent of our available resources - both human & technical.

5. Management

5.1. The first Management Committee of the season shall be able to add the name of a sponsor of the League, and to change the Title of the League.

5.2. The League shall be governed by a Committee consisting of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Match & Fixtures Secretary & four elected members.

5.3. In addition the League will appoint a Safeguarding Officer who will be non-voting and invited or requested to attend Committee Meetings as and when necessary.

5.4. The Committee will meet quarterly during the playing season & additionally, if required, by notice of the Secretary. The minutes of Management Committee Meetings, once approved, will be available in digital format to League members upon request.

5.5. The Chairperson will have a casting vote in the event of a tie in voting at all meetings.

5.6. At least half of the Committee must be in attendance for any issue which requires a vote.

5.7. The Management Committee shall have the power to form Sub-Committees for any purpose it deems necessary, or to call upon other persons whose expertise is deemed necessary to assist.

5.8. At least 28 days notice will be given for an Annual General Meeting that will be held not later than 31st August in each year, when all bona fide League players and Committee Members will be able to attend with voting powers.

5.9. The Committee will all be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Committee Members shall be proposed & seconded, in writing, and 14 days’ notice of the proposal given to the Secretary prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. In the event of more than the required number of nominations being submitted, a vote shall take place.

5.10a The Committee will select a person or persons who will: Represent the League as a voting member in any business conducted in association with Table Tennis Wales (our national governing body).

5.10b The Committee will select a person who will: Represent the League in an honorary non-voting role as president .

6. Rule Changes

6.1. No amendment to, or addition to, the rules shall be made except at an Annual General Meeting or unless by vote of an Extraordinary General Meeting.

6.2. Any amendment, alteration or additional rules must be submitted to the Secretary in writing, at least 14 days in advance of a meeting for inclusion on the Agenda, which shall be circulated to all affiliated clubs at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

6.3. At least half of the Clubs in the League must be present at any meeting where Rule changes are proposed & voted upon.

7. Finance

7.1. The Financial Year shall end on 30th June each year and a Balance Sheet shall be produced.

7.2. League Clubs are guarantors of the League.

7.3. In the event of dissolution of the League, any funds remaining will be transferred to a recognised organisation which has the aim of providing Table Tennis in the North West Wales region, or failing that to the Governing Body in Wales.

8. Safeguarding

8.1. The League has a Code of Practice on Safeguarding of Children as defined in the Children’s Act 1989.

8.2. It is in the interests of all Clubs, Team Captains, Coaches & parents or guardians to make they themselves aware of this Code of Practice.

8.3. We have appointed a Safeguarding Officer (SO) in line with the Table Tennis Wales (TTW) role profile, and shall ensure he/she attends all current and future training required by TTW in order to have the necessary skills to undertake the role effectively.

8.4. The SO is the first point of contact for all league/club members and parents/guardians regarding concerns for the welfare of a child.

8.5. The SO will be responsible for referring concerns and taking a proactive role in raising an awareness of the Code, of poor practice and abuse within the league/club.

8.6. The SO will report concerns to the League Committee as & when necessary.

9. Ethics Policy

9.1. We have adopted a Code of Practice for our members that give details of what are acceptable and unacceptable behaviours and the expectation of others in relation to good practices.

10. Complaints

10.1. Within our Code of Practice relating to Ethics we outline how complaints will be treated.

10.2. All complaints received are taken very seriously and will be dealt with as quickly as possible. An initial response will be provided within 7 days other than in exceptional circumstances.

11. Disciplinary Procedures

11.1. The LTTL will receive, with full confidentiality, reports of any member of the League contravening our Codes of Practice & after a full investigation and consultation will decide and act on the Committee findings.

11.2. Serious or serial offences may result in a person being discharged from the League.

11.3. The LTTL has decided that it will follow the TTW guideline by not knowingly allow any person convicted of any sexual offence against a child to be a member of the League.

12. League Business

12.1. The first Management Committee meeting of the season will consider and confirm the following matters:

12.1.1. A list of teams whose application for membership of the League is accepted;

12.1.2. The Divisional Structure into which these accepted teams will be placed;

12.1.3. The allocation of teams to the divisions, with reference to previous season’s promotion and relegation positions;

12.1.4. The system of points for matches for that season, i.e. 2 points for a win, or sets won or a combination of both;

12.2. All teams are advised to have a representative at this meeting. Such representatives have non-voting status unless members of the Management Committee. Last Updated: Wed 11th Aug 2021



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