Match Report

Ian arrived early, and unfortunately Albert and John were going to be a bit late so Ian elected to play his 3 games straight off, he actually finished his games just before his team mates arrived!
Ian lost his first two to Paul and Lew and he was 2/0 down against Kevin before mustering a spirited comeback to win one and make it 2/1 to Employment.
The next two games played went to Employment with Albert losing to Paul and John to Lew. Albert then beat Kevin, and then came the match of the night with Albert winning the first two games against Lew before Lew playing in only his 2nd match for Employment, managed an excellent comeback to win 14/12 in the fifth, this was a great game.
This put Employment 6/2 up on the night, and it looked to be a comfortable victory. Next up John against Kevin, John wins the first 11/8 but not before Kevin hurts his side going for a shot, Kevin decides to carry on but he is too troubled by the injury and loses easy in the next 11/4 he feels he has no alternative than to concede, shame.
So the gap is narrowed, 6/3 to Employment, John and Albert then step up against Paul and Lew in the doubles, you would have thought this would go Employments way, but no, Insurance narrowly win the first two, and despite losing in the third they comfortably win in the fourth.
So a good 6/4 win to Employment, but Insurance did pick up some valuable points in the end.
By all accounts a very pleasant TT match played in good spirits.
Written by: Paul Baylis
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