Dear President, Vice-Presidents, Executive Committee, Club Secretaries and Players,

I hope that you, your families and friends are safe and coping during these unprecedented times. With a large community, such as the Luton and District Table Tennis League, it is probable that we all know of a friend or a relative that has been affected by Covid-19, such is the reach of this awful pandemic.

As you know, for the Luton & District Table Tennis League, we took the decision to suspend all league and Cup matches, on and from Monday 16th March, to protect our players and their families – in fact, LDTTL led the way and, a week later in line with Government advice, the UK was in total lockdown.

Separately, TTE is developing a 5 Stage Approach for returning to full play – Stage 1 (where we are now) is shown below:

· Play and exercise at home and limited outdoor play

· Practice and table tennis activity can take place at home with members of your household

· Cardio and exercise that can be done whilst meeting social distancing guidelines is encouraged

· Playing on outdoor tables if with members of their household or one other person only. No more than two people at any one time should be playing on the same table.

· Online learning via video calls

· No table tennis activity in clubs/leagues and no one to one/private coaching sessions to run

Stage 5 is when normal table tennis can resume.

The Covid-19 situation and Government/PHE guidance changes rapidly, including announcements on further relaxation of lockdown measures; however, the last element of Stage 1 is still valid. TTE will be issuing further guidance in due course.

We held a virtual Zoom EC meeting on Wednesday 27th May to discuss a number of key issues and I wanted to advise you all on what we discussed and the outcomes.


We have been advised that for the 2020/2021 Season, TT365 will NOT be making any charges and it will be free to use for players and clubs - great news !

Closed Tournament 2020

Regretfully, the current measures mean that there will be no Closed Tournament this year – see also below on League and Cup matches.


The EC discussed a number of options and the possible restrictions that may still be in place for the next 2 or 3 months at least, the availability of playing venues (some pubs, clubs or schools may not be open to social activities), transport – sharing vehicles, not using public transport , the willingness or availability of players – some of whom may be in high risk groups or shielding, no doubles etc – there are so many variables to consider before we can restart the season, if at all.

The EC considered a number of options:

1. Calculate final League Positions based upon match averages, for example 12 matches played, 72 points scored, 2 matches remaining = {(72/12) x 2} + 72 = calculated points = 84.

2. League positions frozen for 2019/20 season - No promotions; no relegations.

3. Re-start 2019/20 season, as and when possible – July/August 2020.

4. Start the 2020/21 season, as normal in October 2020, subject to restrictions being lifted and venues and players available.

5. Start new ‘Half’ season in January 2021.

6. Start new ‘Half’ season in January 2021 with fewer teams per division which would then allow for home and away matches in a shorter season.

7. Defer any decision until July 2020, when situation may be clearer (or not).

I am sure many of you will have other suggestions but, as you can see from the above, it is not easy to come up with a robust conclusion that will suit all.

The EC decided on Option 7 above ie to hold another virtual Zoom EC Meeting in July to decide on next steps. Details will be issued to EC members in due course and given current travel restrictions, I am hoping many more EC members will be available to help the league decide on way forward. We will also need to discuss Team Registrations and closing date if any.

Cup Matches

The EC, and no doubt teams, would like to see these matches played at some stage and these will be arranged once the restrictions have been lifted and players and venue are available. These matches do not affect any League positions and can be played at any stage, even into 2021. Obviously, there may be team changes by the time Cup Matches are played and, I would hope that these matches are played in the spirit intended and that every effort is made to field 2019/20 season registered team players. The alternative is not to play them at all, with no honours being awarded.


Having experienced virtual Zoom EC meeting and visual, sound and internet issues, the EC have decided that there will be NO AGM this year. We will prepare accounts and circulate to Club Secretaries and ask for any questions and approval by email.

If you have any comments on the above, in particular, on how LDTTL completes the season or not in Options 1-7, plus any other suggestions you may have, then please feel free to email Val or me by 26th June for EC to discuss.

Whilst Table Tennis, like my Scuba Diving and Golf, are great sports that we all love and enjoy, the safety, health and well-being of you, your family and friends is paramount in any decision we make. Please take care and keep safe.

Yours in Table Tennis.


Chairman and VP

Luton & District Table Tennis League

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