LDTTL Victor Ludorum Handicap Cup Rules


(revised guidelines based upon Jubilee Trial (2012/2013) and modified to include 2 doubles matches – agreed at EC Meeting of 6th August 2013)

  1. Competition open to all LDTTL registered teams and players holding an Individual ETTA Membership

  2. Teams to consist of 3 players

  3. Each player to play each opposing team player, best of 3 SINGLES games, 21up or 2 clear points i.e. 9 singles matches

  4. There will also be TWO sets of DOUBLES with EACH player taking part and therefore one player playing in both sets of DOUBLES

  5. Match to consist of 9 Sets of SINGLES matches and 2 Sets of DOUBLES games. i.e. 11 Matches

  6. The Winning Team will be the first to reach SIX winning sets

  7. No player to play more than 2 sets of singles and 1 set of doubles consecutively

  8. Away team to put on and Home team to provide opposition as necessary

  9. Each Player will retain his/her Handicap throughout the match

10. Home team to provide venue unless agreed between Captains to alter venue. Matches should be played on the Home club's usual night, although it may be played on another night in the nominated week by mutual agreement

11. All matches to take place during nominated week as shown in the current LDTTL Handbook, taking precedence over League Matches, unless agreed by Home and Away Captains and Hon. Fixtures Secretary to play match in advance (see Rule 27b & 27f)

12. There will be INDIVIDUAL handicaps, as determined and set by the Hon. Victor Ludorum Cup Secretary, Handicap Sub-Committee and/or Executive Committee

13. Handicaps will be from Scratch (0) up to a maximum of plus 17 (+17)

14. Scoring will be shared equally amongst teams

15. The Individual Handicaps will not be netted. For example;

  • Away Player +12,        Home Player + 3 -> Game commences at +12 : +3
  • Away Player Scratch, Home Player + 6 -> Game commences at      0 : +6
  • Home Player +12 ,     Away Player  +12 -> Game commences at +12 : +12

16. Both Home and Away team Captains should sign both scorecards and forward the scorecards to the Hon. Victor Ludorum Cup Secretary within two working days of the match being played

17. There is no appeal against any Handicap awarded and, any dispute outside of the above Rules will be referred to the Executive Committee whose decision will be final


NOTE: Doubles and Handicaps

As we have re-introduced two sets of doubles into the match, we have had to develop simple guidelines for the Doubles handicaps as follows;

  • Add each of the player’s individual handicaps together and divide by 2
  • If the result contains a fraction (1/2) then round the handicap up to the next whole number
  • The ‘average’ handicap should be calculated for EACH of the doubles pairings

For example;
Doubles Match 1:        (Player 1  =  +12 ;   Player 2   =  +7)    =    12 + 7  =   19/2   =  9.5  =  +10    
Doubles Match 2:        (Player 2  =    +7 ;   Player 3   =  +9)    =      7 + 9  =    16/2  =   +8

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