Charles Stampe Trophy 2021-2022


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Charles Stampe Trophy - Groups

Group AChatham GannettChatham Ark RoyalCliffe Woods 2
Group BCliffe Woods 1Upnor BChatham Dorset
Group CSturdee 2Howard 2Rainham 4
Group DChatham BelfastChatham HectorBoxley 2
Group EUpnor ABoxley 1Rainham 6
Group FRainham 3Sturdee 1Chatham Endurance
Group GLuton Invicta 2Rainham 5Rainham 2
Group HHoward 1Chatham CumberlandChatham Furious

Charles Stampe Trophy - Group Matches

Matches played week commencing 15th November 2021


Group AChatham Ark RoyalvCliffe Woods 2365 - 334
Group BUpnor BvChatham Dorset296 - 366
Group CSturdee 2vRainham 4337 - 454
Group DChatham HectorvBoxley 2382 - 340
Group EBoxley 1vRainham 6375 - 228
Group FSturdee 1vChatham Endurance378 - 356
Group GRainham 5vRainham 2311 - 378
Group HHoward 1vChatham CumberlandConceded by Howard


Matches to be played week commencing 13th December 2021


Group ACliffe Woods 2vChatham Gannet
Group BChatham DorsetvCliffe Woods 1
Group CRainham 4vHoward 2
Group DBoxley 2vChatham Belfast
Group ERainham 6vUpnor A
Group FChatham EndurancevRainham 3
Group GRainham 2vLuton Invicta 2
Group HChatham FuriousvHoward 1


Matches played week commencing 18th October 2021

Group AChatham GannettvChatham Ark Royal387 - 252
Group BCliffe Woods 1vUpnor B378 - 354
Group CHoward 2vSturdee 2343 - 368
Group DChatham BelfastvChatham Hector378 - 406
Group EUpnor AvBoxley 1373 - 315
Group FRainham 3vSturdee 1296 - 372
Group GLuton Invicta 2vRainham 5373 - 366
Group HChatham FuriousvChatham Cumberland351 - 378


Report - 18th October

Holders fail at first hurdle 

Considering Chatham Ark Royal have just won this trophy they did their defence no favours when they played their match against club mates Chatham Gannet with just two players. Unfortunately, one of their players had a medical emergency and was unable to play at the last minute.

Zhong Jiao Tan had an impressive result when she lost just 15-21, 14-21 to Martin Birley and with the handicap won that game 59-42. Liuyun Guo also managed to get the better of Martin 43-42 overall. That leaves Ark Royal struggling to stay in the tournament. 

Two results ended well outside the acceptable margin for the handicap when first Upnor A defeated Boxley 1 by 58 points and Rainham 3 lost by 76 points to Sturdee 1. Upnor’s Marylyn Dudgeon started on parity with both Lyndon Gurr and Bayo Awosanya, but won by 8 and 10 points respectively. She had her best performance against Barry Roles winning by 15 points after receiving just 2 from the handicap. The only highlight of the evening for Boxley was when Lyndon Gurr beat Dave Gracey 42-37. 

In the Rainham 3 match Sturdee 1 Tim Davie’s 25 point defeat to Wayne Youngs really cost Rainham dearly as the rest of the matches were close. In fact Tim had a magnificent win over Tim Vaughan by

39-36. Although overall Sturdee were always comfortable on the night. 

The closest match of the round was Luton Invicta 2’s win by just 7 points over Rainham 5. The win for Luton was mainly due to the excellent performance of Mick Barber who gained 19 points on night.

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