Match Report

Upnor gained their 1st win of the season when they visited early Div 1 strugglers, Luton Inv 4. Luton did hold a 4-3 lead with 3 games to go before Peter Worthington completed his hatrick and Dave Gracey won his 2nd of the night a close 5 legger against Keith Ball in the last singles. Worthington and Gracey then combined to pick up the Doubles and the vital 6th point. Kath Hall stepped up from Div 2 to complete Upnor's line up but was unable to get past the Luton trio although she did take Brian Peaper to a 5th leg losing to deuce. Tony Boarer gained a 2nd win against Gracey for Luton's 4th point which will be enough to lift them off the bottom position in this week's table.
Written by:Barry Roles
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