Match Report

Both these sides fielded changes to their usual line ups due to unavailabilities so Boxley called on the ever reliable Mick Sheppard and Upnor the ever willing Shahab Raza. Shahab took Lyndon Gurr to a 5th leg and also took a leg each off Sheppard and Barry Roles but couldn't get on the scoresheet so Upnor's winning  points came courtesy of regulars Peter Worthington and Marylyn Dudgeon. Marylyn had to use all her craft and fighting qualities to get past Gurr in the 5th when it looked like Lyndon was going to prevail in what turned out to be a crucial 9th singles to give Upnor the edge going into the Doubles which of course Upnor won given their excellent Doubles record this season. Earlier Marylyn lost her chance of a treble to Sheppard to give Mick his 2nd win of the evening and keep the result alive but Worthington was too good on the night for the Boxley trio with consistent hitting on both wings.
Written by:Barry Roles
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