Match Report

Week 27 of the season and Rainham 2 leapfrog Howard 3 into 2nd position in Div 1 following this thrashing of hosts Luton 4. This is mainly because Howard 3's game this week will not take place and they now have two games in hand. Interestingly Rainham have still to play Howard twice so 2nd spot is still up for grabs. In this week's match Mick Hambelton, Nick Trythall and John Coleman all helped themselves to trebles. Luton's Brian Peaper and Tony Boarer did take Coleman and Hambelton respectively to deciding legs but in truth it was another disappointing evening for Div 1's bottom side. Trythall didnt drop a leg on his way to his 7th Player of the Match Award of the season.
Written by:Barry Roles
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