Match Report


In the surprise result of the week Furious threw the form book out the window as they recorded a 6-4 win over higher placed Upnor B.  In the opening singles Steve McNally beat Malcolm Kay only for Lennon MacLorg to beat Shahab Raza and make it 1-1.  Pam Butcher then beat Liam Coake but Malcolm beat Shahab to make it 2-2.  Steve beat Liam and Lennon beat Pam to make the score 3-3.  Once again Shahab gave Upnor the lead and Malcolm beat Pam to level the scores again at 4-4.  The next game between Steve and Lennon was a real treat for everyone present as both players went at it hitting and counterhitting from all parts of the arena and when the dust had settled Lennon had given Furious the lead for the first time.  Lennon then joined with Malcolm to beat Steve and Pam in a 5-set thriller which saw Furious clinch victory.  Upnor are 5th and Furious 10th.

Written by: Malcolm Kay
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