Match Report

A fabulous match to be involved in, which produced a fabulous comeback from Luton. Russell Bates opened proceedings with a comfortable win over Alan Bridle. Then Vinnie was in excellent form to take out skippy in four legs. Alan Longhurst then defeated Dennis in three. Alan Bridle then played his game of the season to dismantle an out of form Dave McAulay. Then the fun started. Alan Longhurst showed all his class to take a terrific two leg lead over Russell Bates before the latter produced his great topskin to take it to a final leg, Just when you thought the momentum had been shifted, the former medway champion swung it back in his favour to edge home 11,6 in the fifth take out Russell's 100% record for the season. Now Cliff Woods were 5,1 up and heading towards an impressive victory and with Skippy about to play Alan Longhurst it looked a formality but then there was a sting in his tail! and the Luton player played his game of the season and arguably the match of the night to just edge home 11,9 in the fifth. This seemed to inspired Dennis, who then squeezed home 13,11 in the fifth against Alan Bridle and with Luton winning the doubles three straight, a draw seemed a fair result
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