Match Report

Division One leaders, Upnor A, look unstoppable as they recorded their 6th straight win of the season. Nick Boden led them to a 7-3 result against hosts Boxley 1 with a treble to maintain his unbeaten start to the 2021/22 campaign. He was well supported by teammates  Marylyn Dudgeon and Dave Gracey who lost once apiece to Lyndon Gurr and Barry Roles, respectively. Boxley also nicked the Doubles as their 3rd player,Bayo Awosanya, teamed up successfully with Gurr to take out Gracey/Boden over the maximum distance. Earlier Bayo was unlucky in his Singles encounters, losing in the 5th to both Marylyn and Dave and taking a leg off Nick.
Written by: Barry Roles
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