Week 17 - The Battle at Honeywell

The battle at Honeywell.

In Division 3, Adam Rowbotham and Abigail Griffith were fighting to keep their 100% record. This time, Adam came out on top in 4 sets and led the charge for Honeywell F to storm to an 8-2 victory over Honeywell E. Abigail won the 2 for the E team. John Rutland and Peter Ganley winning the others for F. 

Elsewhere in Division 3, Deaf A beat Gilders 8-2. Ian Cockcroft winning 3 and Liaqat Ali & David 'The man that can' Varney won 2 and the doubles. Mark Craven bravely winning 2 against the League leaders. 

Uppermill B beat Hollinwood D 6-4, Jack & Mark Dunning along with Mark Simpson picking up the points for Uppermill. 

Hold the phone, Uppermill B also beat Pollards A this week with Mark Simpson claiming 3 wins along with Howard Meedham to win 9-1. Incredible stuff from Mark. 

Unison C have Adam Stamp and Ted Robakowski to thank for their 7-3 victory over a Deaf B. Gordon Jennings claiming 2 for Deaf. Adam picking up MOM.

In Division 1, Uppermill A carried on where Uppermill B left off with an 8-2 victory over bottom of the table Werneth. Dave Grundy played out of his skin to claim 3 and the MOM. 

Rosehill tried and failed in their attempt of victory against Honeywell B. Rob Carter and Steve Dobbins winning 3 each with Dave Cheetham picking up the other 2. 

Unison A and Coldhurst A drew 5-5, with Brian Hallsworth finally getting one over Simon King by winning three and the MOM. Mike Brierley for Unison winning 2. All three of Coldhurst picking up points, Steve Hathaway winning 2, Simon King and Walsh winning 1 each and the doubles. 

A great match at Honeywell Lane, the A team just losing out to Saddleworth A 6-4. Darren Lindley winning 3 for Saddleworth, beating Darryl Meredith who, just last week beat Kyan Chin, the Oldham Champion. Simon Hardwick and Gary Newton winning 1 a piece for Honeywell. Ian McLean winning two and the doubles to get to 6. 

On the other side of town, Saddleworth B lost out to League leaders, Glodwick 8-2. Paul King and Matt Evans winning the points for Saddleworth. Zak Cantor winning MOM for Glodwick with 3 wins. 

Elsewhere, Birley Moss beat Hollinwood A 7-3 with Kyan returning to winning ways with the MOM and 3. 

In Division 2, Hyde YMCA A drew 5-5 with Unison B. Francis Cioffi beating the Hon. Match Secretary, Jacob Reilly-Cooper for the second time this season to claim 2 points, Geoff Ogden also picked up 2 for Hyde. Jacob and Josh Hudson won 2 each and the doubles to cap a brilliant display from Josh as he stepped up a division to keep Unison B's promotion chase alive. Next week, he plays again. Can he repeat his heroics and claim another MOM award? 

Honeywell D and Stanley Square drew 5-5. Glen Chadwick continued his blistering form by winning 3 and the MOM. The Honeywell team all chipped in but lost the doubles. 

Grotton A battered Coldhurst B 9-1 as Pete Morris won 3 and the MOM with Ste Oliver and David Morris winning 2 each and the doubles. Great result for them. 

Only 3 games in Division 4 this week, Owls A lost out to Unison E 7-3, with Ste Cocker putting up a fight with the MOM award against the in form Unison and Jacob Sharp. It's an exciting time for Unison. Can they keep pushing on? 

Uppermill C beat Thornham 9-1, with Stuart Hanson winning 3 but all three players did the same. David Harthan and Jim Bradbury performing very well. 

Hollinwood F and E battled it out and E winning this time with a 6-4 score line. James Collier winning 3, supported by Brian Collier and both winning the doubles. 

In Division 5, Hollinwood H and G played, Gareth Hey winning 3 for H but they lost 7-3 to a very experienced G side. Paul Whyatt, Pete Chappell and Gordon Bickley all winning 2 and the doubles.

Unison F beat Our Lady's, who turned up with 2 players, 8-2. Brian Eaton showing the youngsters how to do it with 3 wins. 

Denshaw B beat Pollards B 7-3. Gordon Allen won all three and then won the doubles. A great win for Christine Nield and Graham Nield as they continue their brilliant improvement of the game. 

Elsewhere, Malcolm Wills couldn't prevent Coldhurst D from losing 7-3 despite winning all 3 against Denshaw A.

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