A few cards not uploaded yet for the week so not much to write about. Please remember to upload your cards – try for the day after as it helps with ranking and averages and also for my write up.




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Alan Sheppard winning 3 for Honeywell E in an 8-2 victory over Hyde B. Sadly, Hyde only had two players that were playing for points, guests not counting. Lee Rowbotham also claiming a maximum.

A great week again. I look forward to seeing the results from next week.

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The League and its members share thoughts and prayers to the late Ken Ward’s family and friends.

Let’s get into the results this week:

A brilliant week in the 1st Division. Let’s take a look at the 2nd.

Jacob Reilly-Cooper

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What a truly brilliant day. Damn. I loved it. Thank you so much to everyone, truly, from the bottom of my heart. For sticking with us as we tackled snow twice and well done to everyone!!

Winners, runner up and everyone who took part, well done!!

Divisional Handicap Results:

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1. The handicaps will be on the basis of so many points per player and the teams will be notified of their player's handicaps via the local press.




4. Teams marked * are the HOME teams.





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We are getting closer and closer to the final weeks of the 2017/18 season here in the Oldham & District Table Tennis League, with 5 weeks remaining in the 1st Division and 6 weeks remaining in the 2-5th Divisions. It’s becoming a nail-biter across the board.

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Dear Oldham & District League Members,

Divisional Split at the end of the current fixtures:


Week 5: (W/C 2nd April)

B v A    C v E    D has a free week

W v V  X v Z    Y has a free week


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Hello everyone,

Oldham Closed Championships - Sunday, 3rd March 2019 at Hulme Grammar School.

Volunteers are needed for Sunday - setting up from 7:45am. Gratefully appreciated. 

Please register 30 minutes before, just in case we can get you started.


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Hi everyone,

I have put together a video for the Team Captains who may be interested in uploading their cards. You can view that here: 


Please also read below for further instructions:

Step 03: Click the green 'Add result' button.


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Hi everyone,

due to Simon King moving away, Coldhurst A had a shortage of players and requested to join Hollinwood's club. This has been accepted in the 1st Division to keep the teams at 11 and Coldhurst will now play their games at Hulme Grammar School as Hollinwood-Coldhurst.

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