Table Tennis is enjoyed by thousands of people across the country, through playing and supporting it. However, the sport would not be able to keep running, holding league matches or tournaments, co-ordinating clubs and teams without the work and commitment of its volunteers.

Volunteering in table tennis is extremely rewarding, fun, interesting and can be a great way to see the sport close at hand. A wide range of people become involved and their work encompasses a huge variety of roles, from coach and umpire to press officer, chairperson to equipment fixer, the list is endless!

Why should you volunteer?

The first question often asked is ‘why should I volunteer?’ Well, volunteering has many benefits for you, for Rowhedge Table Tennis Club and the wider community.

You - Volunteering can open up a whole new world. It can help you to gain skills which can then be used in other jobs and careers. It can help you to meet new people and find out more about your local area and the sport. It can help to keep you fit and active too! You may already have skills that the club can use or you want to learn new skills, you may be looking for a challenge or some fun whilst helping to run the club.

Rowhedge Table Tennis Club - Without volunteers our club would cease to exist. We would have no teams in the Colchester League, National Cadet League, National Junior League, Senior British League. No coaching would take place nor would the club be open for practise sessions. The work of volunteers keeps the players on the tables, matches being played and the club running. Volunteers do a whole variety of tasks such as administration, maintaining equipment, providing and serving refreshments, fundraising, representing the clubs at meetings, coaching, ensuring child protection policies are adhered to and keeping an eye on funds – to name but a few activities!

Your Community - Rowhedge Table Tennis Club provides a community focus – being a volunteer will help to keep this alive and kicking. The sport helps to keep people of all ages active and engaged in a worthwhile activity; it keeps people fit and healthy; it provides a social focus where people can watch Table Tennis but also enjoy the company of people from all backgrounds and ways of life.

How to get involved - So, you want to volunteer for Rowhedge Table Tennis Club? Well it's quite easy, just speak to Alan Burgess or John Andrews to discuss ways you can help. Don't delay.  

John Andrews 01206 273961 / 07803 606780    john.c.andrews@btinternet.com 

or Alan Burgess 01206 843106 / 07766 627051    alan_burgess@btinternet.com

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