Match Report

A fantastic win for Trawlers against the current division leaders in a very enjoyable evening at a BCSC full house.

The match started ominously for Brixham as Alan Maynard couldn't contain Chris Baron's quality backhand pimple killers and clever serving. Done in three. Baron really back to his best tonight.

Nick Williamson struggled also against Louis Wilshire's unconventional style with his attacking chop swoops with his pimple side.

At 2-0 down we realised why Falcons were leading the division. Then up stepped Ian Saxby who finally brought some competition into the evening in a stunning battle against Ed Crawford. It went the distance and Saxby was able to get a much needed point on the board winning 13-11 on the fifth.

Baron again played at his near best to contain Williamson's flat hitting game to keep his maximum intact but as Crawford came back to the table, it seemed as if the Saxby game had really knocked the wind out of his sails as he just didn't fire against either Maynard or Williamson.

Saxby secured his second against Wilshire in three straight having no such issues against the combination bat.

At 4-3 up, it was the match of the evening as the two players chasing their maximums came to the table. It was a real game of cat and mouse all the way to the deciding leg and inevitably deuce. In the end Saxby upped his attacking looping game and came through on top.

Maynard and Wilshire battled in a chess-like tactical game, Maynard emerging victorious and taking it to 6-3.

Saxby and Maynard managed to claw victory from the jaws of defeat in the first two legs of the doubles, but found really good form in the third to win over Baron and Wilshire and win over the division leaders 7-3.

It all bodes well for Trawlers who will be looking to see out the end of the first half of the season on a high against lower positioned opposition.

Written by: Alan Maynard
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