Match Report

Denbury Tykes, coming from 4-0 down mounted a great recovery to come away with a well deserved draw.

Colin hit and looped his way to a maximum, beating Paul in 5 games (the last 13-11); Martin then managed the same score against Huw, again winning in 5 (the last 13-11); and after Pat lost to Colin (14-12) in the third game it was not looking like it was going to be a good evening for Tykes.

However then the fight back started ..... Paul and Pat beat Martin and Huw beat Geoff to bring the match score back to 3-4, next Huw tried his best against Colin, but the latter played some superb forehand top spins down the line wrong footing Huw at some crucial times - Colin came away with the win in 4 games winning the last 13-11 .....again!

That left Tykes 3-5 down with two Sets left - Paul from 2 games up squeaked home in 5 getting his forehand loop going just in time and in a fantastic doubles, which included some tremendous rallies and returns from ridiculous angles Paul and Huw pipped Colin and Martin 11-9 in the 5th game.

A really close game with a 5-5 draw probably the fair result!

Written by:Tony Halse
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